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How to sew an envelope on the statement?

Have you had a baby? Congratulations! Surely you have often thought how best to prepare for discharge and were looking for instructions on how to sew an envelope on an extract. Many people think that it is very difficult, but with the finished instructions it will not be difficult. Of course, you can simply wrap the baby in a blanket with a beautiful duvet cover, but the best gift for him and you, too, will, no doubt, be an envelope for an extract made with your own hands. Well, now let's sew a beautiful envelope to an extract for a newborn - taking into account the season, of course.

Preparatory work

We will not sew a simple envelope, but “a blanket - a transformer”. I think the name makes it clear how you will use this product - it is truly universal and will be useful to you not only at discharge. This envelope is also good because you can actually sew it on an emergency basis - in just 3-4 hours. To begin with, we will decide what we will sew an envelope: winter or summer, as well as what it will be from the face and from the inside out - the same or different. Based on these criteria, we buy fabric.If the sides are the same, then we need about 190 cm of fabric with a width of about 150 cm. For different sides, we take two pieces of fabric 95 cm wide for the face - 150 cm and for the inside side - 140 cm. For the winter variant, we need a synthetic winterizer - the amount of synthetic winterizer is determined from the number of layers you will be doing. In this case, you will have the opportunity to sew the pieces, and the quality of the envelope will not be affected. You will also need a gum length of 50 cm, two zippers: detachable - about 55 cm and the usual - about 25 cm, and meter oblique inlay.

Pattern envelope on statement

Patterns of blankets and pockets should be done with seam allowances of approximately 1-1.5 cm. As for the padding polyester, it should be sewn in layers to fit the pattern of your blanket and pocket. Mark a square on the top of the blanket - in this place we will sew a pocket (you can also mark the square with large stitches). To the lower or upper fabric (it does not matter) you need to tackle parts of a detachable zipper as follows: to the front side of the upper fabric, the zipper is swept up with the lock down, and to the front side of the lower fabric - with the lock up. Next, in the same exact method, you need to tack on the zipper and along the top, and then layers of padding polyester are swept over the bottom fabric with large stitches.Then sweep the sintepon to the pattern of the pocket, fold the details of the pocket inward with the front sides and stitch it on the side on which you will gum. Now unscrew, iron the seam, fold it in half and stretch 1.5-2 cm from the edge of the seam. Next, insert the rubber band, fasten on one side and pull it up to a distance of 45 cm, then fix it on the other side.

Finish the job

Fold open sections of the pocket with an oblique piping. Here is a small digression. If you do not like oblique bakes sold in stores, you can make them yourself. To do this, select a suitable fabric, cut it into an oblique line and sew the ribbon of the desired length. Now sew the pocket along the contour to the upper side of the blanket, fold the ready-made details of the blanket face-to-face and sweep and stitch it, but so that there are about 15–20 cm under the pocket underneath the pockets. Then, remove the blanket through the non-stitched hole and sew it with a secret stitch. Smooth the edges of the blanket, but neatly, since the synthetic winterizer does not like the heat too much and may sit down while ironing. Next, manually make a few point stitches, as in a quilt, that is, through, and remove all visible basting.That's all: our blanket is ready! Well, at the end of our master class on how to sew an envelope on an extract, we give you a link to the pattern of the pattern, very similar to the one we described:

Envelope pattern for discharge

Note that, unlike knitted envelopes, embroidered blankets are made according to similar patterns, so this instruction will fit most patterns. So if you have ready-made schemes, feel free to use our guide.


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