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How to stop photoaging of skin?

Summer warm sunshine, a bright holiday on the shores of the warm sea, a beautiful even bronze tan or slightly burnt shoulders and nose - these are all signs of rest, summer and warmth, which give wonderful memories and emotions.

Unfortunately, the beach and the warm sea are not always good, especially if all this affects the human body in abundance. Of course, sunlight is necessary for any living organism, but only everywhere is the measure important, excessive infatuation with sunburn is fraught with serious pathological processes that quickly activate within the human body.

Protect your skin

In the modern world, many girls, in pursuit of a beautiful and seductive body, zealous with a long tan on the beach under direct sunlight, are fond of solariums, constantly exposing their skin to ultraviolet irradiation.

All this leads to early aging of the skin, which is caused by factors other than natural, which are usually associated with hormonal changes in the body.

Photo-aging, as it is called today, is premature aging of the skin, which is provoked by ultraviolet rays.

Such a problem may begin to manifest itself in a person from the age of 25; it is from this age that most doctors and cosmetologists recommend paying active attention to the skin of the face and body to prevent or delay irreversible processes in the body.

Interestingly, the problem under consideration can hardly be called new, even at the beginning of the last century, the symptoms of skin changes that were exposed to excessive ultraviolet radiation were documented.

True, in those days they sounded somewhat unusual for a modern person: “skin of a peasant” or “skin of a sailor”, “skin damaged by the sun”. Here, the reasons for photo-aging of skin are best described: after all, both sailors and peasants spent a lot of time in the sun, as a result of which their skin was quickly coarse, acquired an ignoble brownish tint and was quickly covered with a grid of thick, deep wrinkles.

The mechanism of the harmful effects of ultraviolet radiation

A lot of articles have been written about the dangers of a long stay in the sun, but, oddly enough, few people know how sunburn actually affects human skin.

It turns out that as a result of prolonged exposure to sunlight, free radicals are released in the layers of the epidermis, which become the primary causes of premature withering of the skin.

These unstable particles have a high reactivity, which contributes to the rapid destruction of elastin and collagen, as well as hyaluronic acid, which are known to be important compounds that preserve youth, elasticity and beauty of the skin.

Do not neglect the protection

There are two types of ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB, which affect the skin in different ways. The most harmful is A-radiation, which contributes to the increased division of epidermal cells, and as a result - keratinization and constant renewal of surface layers, and, hence, their peeling.

The impaired function of the function leads to uneven thickening of the epidermis, which entail more serious changes in its deep layers. Plus, UVA rays contribute to the increased production of melanin, which leads to the appearance of small and large pigment spots, which, in consequence, is not so easy to get rid of.

Moisturizing is an important stage of care.

To determine the first signs of the appearance of photo-aging of the skin can anyone, for this it is not necessary to be an expert in this field. These include uneven color of the surface layers (pigmentation), deterioration of skin tone and loss of its elasticity, the appearance of wrinkles and other defects, a vivid manifestation of capillaries, increased skin trauma, dryness and constant peeling.

Photo-aging is like natural aging, the difference is that it usually goes on par with it, exacerbating the already unpleasant processes, which are increasingly difficult to stop every year.

How to fight?

Of course, the best treatment is, as they say, prevention, therefore, if possible, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

The most insecure time is from 11 pm to 4 pm, it is during this period that the sun becomes the most active and harmful.

Try to wear clothes made from natural fabrics, especially in the hot season, and also use sunscreen.

In fact, the most common method of combating photo-aging is the use of various products with UV filters that contain special substances that neutralize the harmful effects of the sun.

These can be creams and oils, whey or preparations for internal use. For example, creams with antioxidants have the property of neutralizing free radicals, and creams with high SPF parameters (from 20 to 50) simultaneously protect, moisturize and nourish the skin.

Do not forget about cosmetics after exposure to the sun: it should contain phytoextracts and various vitamins that moisturize and restore the upper layers of the epidermis.

If, however, the first signs of photo-aging appear on the skin, then one prophylaxis will not be enough, you will have to turn to specialists for complex treatment. It can be deep or middle peels, as well as procedures for smoothing the skin: dermabrasion or laser resurfacing.

Also, the method of photorejuvenation, which qualitatively reduces the amount of pigment spots, relieves fine wrinkles and makes the skin more elastic is also not bad.

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