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How to stretch a thing?

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
February 19, 2013
How to stretch a thing?

It happens that a favorite thing suddenly shrinks after washing. It is important to observe the recommendations indicated on the label, for example, not to erase the purchased item at a temperature above 40˚С. If all the same thing "sat down", there was such a nuisance, you can try to correct the situation. To do this, stretch the spoiled clothes. How to stretch the sat down thing? At first we will define, from what fabric your jacket or t-shirt.

How to stretch the cotton thing

The most unassuming fabric, comfortable and inexpensive - cotton. However, since the fabric is natural, it is prone to shrinkage. The easiest way is to soak a T-shirt or jeans in vinegar solution, leave it there for a while. Take 3-3 tablespoons of vinegar per ten liters of water. To enhance the effect, it is possible to just wet the sponge with the same solution and wipe the unfolded clothes, stretching the seams, sleeves and collar to the sides.

After this treatment, dry the thing on the hangers, or simply lay it out on a gentle surface before drying.With the same purpose in a container with water, you can add hydrogen peroxide, instead of vinegar. If the smell of vinegar does not completely disappear, wash this clothes again in unheated water and with the addition of air conditioning.

A good method of stretching with iron. Again, you need to wet the clothes, squeeze a little and dry so that it is only slightly damp. Then iron iron from the inside, trying to stretch. Be careful here, as on light things an iron can leave dark marks.

How to stretch a woolen thing

Wool is more capricious than cotton. Some housewives generally do not recommend stretching woolen things sat down. However, there are ways. The only condition is that the thing should not be too low, otherwise you will fail.

The most gentle method of stretching wool things is simple. Soak it and spread it on a towel so that it absorbs water. Then start gently stretching the thing in different directions, not too zealous. Let dry for a couple of hours and repeat the stretch again. While the thing dries completely, you will have time to stretch it seven times.

There is a good way to stretch the wool - comfortable and loyal.It is necessary to wet the pullover in water with the addition of a neutral shampoo. Then squeeze it lightly, wrapped in a towel. Then stretch it on the board (preferably corkboard) and secure with pins along the perimeter. Wait until it dries completely.

How to stretch a thing: a simple method

There is a universal way to stretch any thing. However, it is not always preferable, as it may cause inconvenience. After wetting the thing, put it on yourself and wait until it dries. The method is quite tough, not everyone will be able to defile for long in wet clothes.

We should also mention the caps. If the hat has sat down, you can put it on the jar (volume, about three liters) and dry it. In addition, it is believed that in this way it is better to dry the caps always.


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