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How to tie the edge?

In order to properly complete your product, like any other handmade creation, you need to be able to correctly arrange the edges. It is your decision on how to tie the edge that will play a key role in the harmonious, beautiful and high-quality finish of the product. It is very important that the overall pattern is perfectly combined with a patterned edge.

Let's look at the most interesting and most common ways of how to tie the edge of the product with knitting needles. Having mastered these techniques, you can easily put them into practice. Remember, only the correct processing of the model’s edges will give knitted things a uniquely beautiful, complete look.

Ways of tying knitting

  1. Knit "cloves". At the desired edge on the front side of the product, you need to make loops on the needles and knit with the front satin stitch. Design 3-5 rows in each of the sides, taking into account the width of the edging. Then work is carried out according to the scheme: 1 nakid, 2 front loops together. For the reverse side, the same actions are performed in the same way, but with purl loops. Further mating should be continued on the face with the initially selected number of rows.In places where nakidy are made, the edging is folded in half. Thus a jagged edge is obtained. If necessary, you can insert a cord or decorative tape inside. Such trimming is usually applicable to the hem, cuffs, notch, hood, and slats.
  2. Knit "elongated loops." We collect 15 loops and knit one row with facial loops, and the other with purl. Remember that the first loop is removed, not knitting, and then without gaps knit elongated loops. To do this, the right knitting needle is introduced into the eyelet, knit from it the front loop, without throwing off the waste. The worker thread is thrown over to her, so that she finds herself in front of work. Then from the bottom up, wrapping the thumb of the right hand, again toss the thread back. A new loop with the right knitting needles is transferred to the left and a couple more loops are knitted together with the front one. Thus, an elongated loop is formed from the front side. For the reverse side knit purl loops.
  3. Knit the "gum." When finishing use almost any gum. The French gum looks very elegant, and the snake is magnificent for framing hats. English false gum is outwardly indistinguishable from the factory, based on the use of threads of different texture.When the cord is supposed to be inserted into the edges of the product, then it is better to use a double or hollow gum. Consider only that it is necessary to make a double set of loops.
  4. Knit "drawing". This technique is based on the continuation, up to the edge, of the main pattern of the product. This way it helps to solve the question: how to tie up the edge of a scarf or rug? With this technique, making out a rectangular edge, constantly increase the number of loops, until a corner is formed. For this dial loops around the perimeter of the product or on both sides. One side is knitted with face loops and intentionally left one loop in the center of the corner. Then do nakid and knit facial central loop. Again do a nakid and finish the second side with facial loops. The reverse side of the thing knit in the picture.
  5. Knit "braids". We collect the required number of loops of the desired width and knit the pattern. At the same time, on the one hand, we simultaneously “tie” it to the edge of the product. For this end, we knit the end loop of the row of "braids" together with the edge loop of the edge of our thing.

Read about how to tie the edge of the product with knitting needles with the pattern of "spider", as well as see step-by-step photos of the work, here: "". Apply different techniques and improve the structure of the patterns.Then you will get exceptionally high-quality and original edges.

You can tie the edge not only with knitting needles, but also with a hook. If you are interested in crocheting the edge of your product, you can do it here: "".


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