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How to transport dogs?

Traveling with animals such as dogs can cause a lot of trouble if you do not know the simple rules for their transportation. We will talk about them.

How to transport dogs in public transport

Transportation of animals in urban public transport is allowed, but subject to certain conditions. This is due to the fact that dogs do not disturb other passengers. Therefore, a dog in a bus, tram, trolleybus and subway must ride in a muzzle and the owner is obliged to keep it on a short leash. If the dog is aggressive towards others, the owner is obliged to calm him down with the help of special pills - otherwise you may be denied the transportation of the dog. With regard to fees for the animal, then you may be asked to pay the transportation of only a large pet. For the rest of the fee should not be charged.

How to transport a dog in a train

Transportation of the animal in the train is already associated with great difficulties and financial costs. First, you need to get a certificate in the form F-1 in the veterinary clinic that the dog is healthy.Next, you need to buy a baggage ticket for a dog in accordance with the weight of the animal (except for the case of buying a separate compartment). If you want to transport an animal in a compartment, then either you have to buy the entire compartment, or arrange with your neighbors that they will not mind a trip with your four-legged friend. In this case, it is useful to stock up on carrying or cage for the dog. Also, one or two dogs can be carried in the vestibule (non-working) of the first car - of course, under the supervision of the owners. Only guide dogs for the visually impaired can be transported free of charge. However, it is impossible to transport any dog ​​in the luxury car. As for the carriage of dogs in commuter trains, the dog should be kept in the vestibule under the supervision of the owners.

How to transport a dog in an airplane

Many airlines prohibit the transportation of animals in the cabin, but it is not forbidden to transport dogs in the luggage compartment under certain conditions. First, the owner of the dog must have a certificate F-1 that the dog is healthy. Secondly, a ticket must be purchased for the dog. As for the carriage of the animal in the cabin,then only owners of dogs, whose weight is not more than 5 kg, as well as visually and hearing impaired people who travel accompanied by a guide dog, are entitled to this. Also for the transport of dogs need to purchase a special container. It does not matter if there is a dog in the cabin or in the luggage compartment during the flight. Note that the container size must be such that the dog can stand and rotate there freely, and the product itself must comply with the requirements of the organization (International Air Carriers Association).

More information about the requirements of each airline you can find on the websites of companies. I note that the best airline passengers are serviced by such airlines as KLM, Lufthansa and Delta - do not count it as advertising: only facts. As for how to transport a dog across the border, here you need to know the requirements of the state where you are going. The only mandatory vaccination that one and all require is a vaccine against rabies, and it should be done no later than 2 months and no earlier than 1 year before departure.


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