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How to treat a sore throat

Known to all since childhood angina is a medical name for acute tonsillitis: inflammation in the throat and tonsils, which has a purulent character. The tonsils, being an immune barrier on the way of various infections, take a blow upon themselves when attacking microbes. Inflammation and suppuration prevents the penetration of microbes into the body.
There is a sore throat with a weakened immunity in the presence of a pathogenic microbe. You can get sick, froze hard, wet your feet, with a long stay under the air conditioner or from an icy liquid drunk in the heat (this is especially true in summer when you want to cool as quickly as possible).
Angina in no case can not be carried on your feet, firstly, you can infect your colleagues, and secondly, it is fraught with serious complications. At least 5 days in bed, isolated from others.
If the temperature in angina is below 39 degrees and is transferred relatively easily, it is not recommended to shoot it down. High temperature is the body’s immune response, in which microbes die.In this case, you can even do without antibiotics.
Sore throat, ulcers on the tonsils and the lack of temperature suggests that the body can not cope with the disease, which is fraught with the spread of infection to other organs. Antibiotics in this situation are a prerequisite for treatment. Prescribe medication should only doctor! Self-treatment is excluded completely. You can not give up antibiotics with a bad heart, diabetes, urolithiasis, pyelonephritis.
During a sore throat, a fight with a purulent deposit in the tonsil area is of great importance. Rinsing can help in this case, for which the following ingredients are used:
- a solution of baking soda;
- salt dissolved with a drop of iodine;
- decoctions of herbs;
- solutions with tinctures of calendula and sage.
Special pharmaceutical sprays and aerosols are no less effective. After rinsing and using the spray should not forget that neither eat nor drink is not recommended for at least an hour.


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