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How to understand who you love?

Sometimes it is difficult to determine exactly what you feel for a person, especially when it comes to a very personal relationship. Sympathy, love, affection or love? How to understand who you love and who just passionate about? Let's find out how to distinguish true love from love. After analyzing the following text for yourself, you can find out whether you love someone or just have sympathy.

Love and passion: the differences

  1. So, how to understand who you love? The first thing you should pay attention to is how your feeling arose. Love "flashes" brightly and unexpectedly, this is exactly what they say "love at first sight." The man saw another, became interested in him, instantly there was love. True love does not come out of nowhere. And the thing is that causes these feelings. When a person is in love, for the most part he is attracted by the appearance of a partner, some of his individual features (he dances beautifully, laughs loudly, has a pleasant voice, etc.). When a person loves, he is attracted not only by his appearance and some features of a partner, but also his personality as a whole, his qualities and his inner world.Thus, in order for true love to arise, you need more time to get to know a person, which one he is and if he is right for you. The more time it takes, the better. When a person already knows his partner well and he attracts him completely, then love arises.
  2. The next difference is related to how the pair perceives each other’s shortcomings, quarrels and separations. A man in love does not accept a partner’s shortcomings - he either ignores them, or they negatively influence his attitude towards a partner, or force him to quit someone who was just recently so dear. A loving person notices his partner’s shortcomings, accepts them, and his attitude towards a partner doesn’t get any worse, he perceives his beloved completely, realizing that flaws are his part and parcel as well as virtues. Arguing, people in love cause each other a lot of pain, each stands his own way, as he thinks about his own offenses, and not about his partner. People who love each other, try to find ways out of problems together, understand the causes of quarrels, change, to avoid their repetition. Over time, quarrels in a loving couple are becoming more insignificant, and they become less.Time and distance negatively affect the relationship of lovers: they often fall apart, as people find other partners for themselves. Love endures any separation, a loving person is ready to wait, as he has loved deeply and for a long time. Love is superficial, love takes strong roots.
  3. How to understand who you love? When a person loves, his interest in a partner is constant, and his feelings gradually and slowly, but definitely become stronger with each passing day. When a person is in love, his interest may then flare up, then fade. A loving person does not want to be with anyone except the one he loves. He wants to be near him, live together, make love and build a future only with this person. A man in love may show interest to several at once, it is difficult for him to decide whether he is attracted or may be attracted by many.
  4. Another difference is how the feeling acts on the person himself. Being in love absorbs a person, makes him think about his passion days and nights, suffer greatly, if the feelings are not mutual. Such a person often “goes into himself,” he does not want to keep in touch with family and friends.Love has a bad effect on him: he becomes absent-minded, inattentive, carefree, "hovers in the clouds," lazy, etc. Love creates, transforms a person and his whole life for the better: he is ready to share good with the whole world, he wants to become better, to change, to reach new heights, he does not cease to communicate with loved ones, he feels a taste for life.
  5. Love is selfish, love is the absence of selfishness. In love, a person thinks about what he gets from this relationship, whether everything suits him, whether his partner offends, what he can get from him, etc., that is, he thinks not about the partner, but about himself in these relations . A loving person first of all thinks about how to make a loved one happy, what good can be done for him, how to show his love towards him.

We looked at several important differences between love and love. Now, in order to understand who you love, analyze how you treat everyone who you like, and you will understand whether you are in love or in love.


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