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How to use a blender?

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How to use a blender?

The blender is a versatile electric kitchen appliance that organically combines the functions of a food processor and mixer. This kitchen utensil without problems will beat a cocktail, cream, dough. But the essential difference from the mixer is that it easily copes with more solid products. It will not be difficult for him to cook mashed meat and grind ice into drinks into slurry, chop vegetables.

Previously, with the help of a blender, they only ground the products, and now the blender has become an essential attribute in the kitchen of every self-respecting mistress, because its functions have expanded significantly. The advantage of a blender over a food processor is that it takes up much less space, consumes less electricity, is easy to use, which means that it will always have a place even in a small-sized kitchen. How to use a blender, described in the instructions, even beginners can handle it. Blenders are distinguished by type and power.Depending on the type, blenders are immersion and stationary.

How to use a blender

The stationary blender is presented as an appliance with a transparent high bowl on a stand. Inside the bowl are knives. In the bowl itself, the process of beating or grinding products occurs, which does not require additional containers. An additional advantage of this model is the fact that this device, unlike a submersible blender, which must be constantly kept in hand, does the necessary work on its own.

Terms of use stationary blender

Consider some rules that must be followed when using a stationary blender:

  • Do not overload the capacity of the stationary blender to the top, as this often leads to an overload of the motor. Remember that the free space under the cover of the device should be at least two centimeters.
  • It is advisable to cut large products before sending them to the blender bowl.
  • Remember that the plastic bowl of your blender can change color when in contact with hot products.Therefore, avoid contact of the bowl with hot products and liquids.

How to use the immersion blender

The submersible blender has a flat design with knives on the end. It differs from the stationary one in that it is not equipped with its own bowl, but it has a wide variety of nozzles with which you can use an immersion blender in different variations.

Since submersible blenders are multifunctional, they are much more expensive than stationary ones. For example, a stationary blender can only process the amount of food that fits in its cup, while the submersible blender does not have strict limitations in this regard. An immersion blender with both small and large products, as opposed to a stationary blender, which may not cope with chopping green, for example.

If you want your blender to serve you for a long time, you need to know how to use it correctly. Here are some simple rules:

  • Do not allow idle operation of the device, which can lead to overheating.
  • With long blender operation, take short breaks.
  • Keep the appliance clean, as dried food residues can damage its working part.

Unlike the above rules, which can be followed with relief, the following recommendations must be followed:

  • It is not allowed to use an immersion blender for grinding hard, juice-free products, such as nuts, coffee beans.
  • It is forbidden to immerse the blender in boiling liquids and products.
  • You can not use a blender to rotate a large mass of products.

In the practical application of the submersible hand blender, the rules for its use are absorbed in a short time and become the basis for working with this appliance.

Now you know how to use a blender. Videos and materials on this topic will also be interesting and useful for you. Good luck to you!


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