Sagittarius and Capricornus

How to View Capricornus

Three Methods:

The night sky is filled with constellations, or groups of stars that represent characters or objects. One such constellation is Capricornus, the sea goat. This strange mythical creature can be spotted in the night sky if you know when and where to look. Just be sure that you also know which group of stars you are seeking; not surprisingly, it bears little resemblance to a sea goat.


Catching Capricornus in the Sky

  1. Seek Capricornus in fall and summer from the northern hemisphere.As the earth moves through its orbit, different parts of the sky will be visible. Since the seasons are dependent upon the orbit, you can determine which constellations will be visible based on the seasons/months of the year. Capricornus is visible roughly from July through November.
  2. View Capricornus in winter and spring from the southern hemisphere.If you are in the southern hemisphere, the seasons occur at in different months. That means, that July through November corresponds to the winter and spring seasons. These same months are when you should look for Capricornus in the southern hemisphere.
  3. Learn the times that Capricornus is at its peak.Capricornus peaks at different times depending on the month. It is best seen in the September sky in the early evening. Earlier in the year, you will have to wait up later to see the sea goat.

Looking In the Right Place

  1. Look to the south in the northern hemisphere.When gazing up at the sky, it is easy to be overwhelmed by the number of stars. Narrow your view to just the stars you can see when facing south. This southern sky is where you will find the sea goat, Capricornus.
  2. Set your gaze north from the southern hemisphere.The direction of the Capricornus also changes if you live in the southern hemisphere. In this case, you would look to the northern sky, not the southern sky. Again, it helps to ignore the rest of the sky if you are looking for just one constellation.
  3. Familiarize yourself with ‘the sea.’ Capricornus is found in the part of the sky called the sea. The sea is in the southern portion of the sky (northern from the southern hemisphere). It is home to several water-related constellations, such as Aquarius, Pisces, and Cetus. Knowing this area and these constellations can help you find Capricornus.
    • If you are familiar with the Summer Triangle constellation, you can draw a straight line from one of its points (the star Vega), through a second point (the star Altair) and straight to Capricornus.

Identifying Capricornus

  1. Search for a triangular shape in the sky.Though capricornus has several points that are a little jagged, its overall shape resembles a rough triangle. One tip of the triangle appears to be pointing straight down toward the earth. The other two points are pointing off into the sky.
    • In the southern hemisphere, the constellation appears upside down.
  2. Notice the sea goat’s horns.The horns of the sea goat are found above (below in the southern hemisphere) one of the points of the triangle. These “horns” are a cluster of stars that appear to make two points. This gives the appearance that the sea goat has a head and horns just like a normal goat.
  3. Learn the prominent stars in the constellation.Knowing the main stars in any constellation can help you find it. You can look these stars up on the internet, or ask an experienced astronomer.

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How to View Capricornus
How to View Capricornus images

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2019 year - How to View Capricornus pictures

How to View Capricornus forecast
How to View Capricornus recommendations photo

How to View Capricornus foto
How to View Capricornus images

How to View Capricornus How to View Capricornus new photo
How to View Capricornus new foto

images How to View Capricornus
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Watch How to View Capricornus video

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