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How to wash a dog?

If you are a happy owner of a four-friend, then surely you faced questions about how to wash a dog and how often you can do it. On the dog's skin there are various glands located in different parts of the body. These glands secrete a special fat-like secret - sebum or sebum. This substance is useful, it protects the dog's skin from getting wet and damp. If you wash the dog too often or use cheap and low-quality shampoo, then the sebum is washed off, which leads to negative consequences: the skin can become dry, the hair will split and fall out. Therefore, you should not save on cosmetics for your pet. In addition to shampoo, you can purchase a special conditioner that prevents hair tangling, especially for long-haired breeds. Buy these funds only in specialized pet stores. The composition of shampoos should be soft, so as not to overdry the skin. For different breeds of dogs there are special shampoos. Improperly selected shampoo can cause allergies.

The first question that arises in connection with the pet's wash is: how often can a dog be washed? The answer is simple - as the wool is contaminated. Bathing is an important part of animal hygiene, which is the prevention of various skin diseases. Abuse this procedure, however, is not worth it. Even less often it is necessary to wash smooth-haired dogs and dogs with a short undercoat. Their wool can be cleaned independently.

How to wash a dog? Accustom an animal to bathing since the childhood. Dogs, unlike cats, do not feel disgust for water. Almost all dogs love to swim, so will be happy to splash in the bathroom. When you wash your dog for the first time, make sure that she does not jump out of the bathroom - talk to her, explain what you are doing. Put a rubber mat on the bottom of the bathroom so that the paws do not slip. To wash the dog is best with water 35-40 degrees, that is pretty cool. This contributes to the hardening of the body of the animal, serves as a prevention of colds. Long-haired dogs before swimming should be well combed. Do not forget to close all windows and windows before washing - dogs are afraid of drafts and can easily get sick.In a very cold season it is better to refrain from swimming. Ensure that the water does not get into the ears and eyes of an animal during washing. To do this, lift the head of the animal up. After bathing, wring out the wool, let the dog shake off, dab the wool with a towel. Long-haired dogs can be dried after bathing with a hairdryer. The air should be hot. Note that the dog may be frightened by the noise of the device. Do not brush the hair of a long-haired dog until it is completely dry.

It is best to bathe the dog in the evening, after the last walk. Moisture lingers in the wool for a long time, although it may seem dry to the touch. After walking into the slush of the dog's paw, you can simply wipe with a damp cloth or wash it in a special basin.

Now you know how to wash a dog. Let your pet always be healthy and cheerful!


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