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How to wash the oven?

How to wash the oven?Who among us does not like fried chicken? And pies and casseroles? And the oven wash? We love to eat something, but we don’t like to clean the oven. There are many means - some are harmless, our grandmothers used them, others are more potent. You decide what method to use, we will only share the most effective ways to clean the oven.


Have you ever tried to clean the oven of old fat with water and soap suds? Agree that it is almost impossible to do this. Therefore, we adopt modern cleaning products and decide which is better to choose. By trial and error, we found out that the most effective are: “Schumann”, “Sanita”, oven cleaner Amway, Cif, “Mr. Muscle” and foam of Israeli origin Sano.


All of these tools do an excellent job with burnt fat and stubborn stains. Apply any of them on the contaminated surface and leave for an hour or two. After that, everything is thoroughly washed off with ordinary water and a clean rag.Do not forget about rubber gloves - store cleaners contain a lot of chemicals. Yes, and a bandage on the face does not hurt to wear, so as not to inhale toxic fumes. And after cleaning it is worth aerating the kitchen.


If you are a supporter of environmentally clean existence and do not accept chemistry in any way, for you, too, there are several ways to quickly clean the oven. True, it is likely that you will have to wash several times. To begin, try to remove the fat with vinegar and soda. Dilute the vinegar with water 1: 1, wipe the oven with a solution and leave for ten minutes. After that, pour soda onto the contaminated surface. Reacting with vinegar, the soda will release carbon dioxide. With it, you can get rid of fatty spots.


There is another way. Grate the soap (25 gr.) On a grater, add two large spoons of soda and half a glass of vinegar. Spread this mixture on your plate and leave for an hour. An hour later, three walls with a sponge and rinse with warm water.


How to quickly clean the oven from fat?


Few know that the oven is easier to clean when it is still warm. Fat does not have time to freeze and is easier to wash off from the surface. Armed with knowledgewe try the following method: in glassware for a microwave oven or a pan with high sides pour hot water and we dilute in it a dishwashing detergent. We put all this in the oven and turn it on at 120 degrees.


After half an hour, turn off the oven, open the door and let it cool slightly. Then we take a rag and several times wipe the oven with clean water. Hot steam and cleaning agent will dissolve old grease and you can easily remove it.


For those who do not want to use a chemical agent, we suggest squeezing lemon juice into the water. One lemon should be enough, it all depends on the size of your oven.

How to wash the electric oven


The electric oven can be cleaned with such a means: mix a tablespoon of a cleanser such as "Comet" or "Pemolux", a spoon of gel for washing dishes and a bag of citric acid. Spread the paste with the oven and leave for half an hour. Then rinse with warm water several times. A good cleaner for the oven (and not only) is a steam cleaner. It is harmless, leaves no smell and is quite inexpensive.


How to clean the gas oven


There is one very effective method, but it is suitable for the most courageous. Try to clean the gas oven using ammonia.Wipe the rag in ammonia and carefully wipe the oven walls, then close the door and leave it on all night. Wash the oven in the morning with dishwashing detergent or soap. Be sure to use rubber gloves and a respirator.


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