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How to whiten clothes?

White things at the same time deliver to their owner and joy, and serious hassle. A pleasant moment is the solemnity of white color, its association with the holiday. Such clothes symbolize elegance, style and purity. However, the fact that over time white things tend to acquire a gray tint or turn yellow, forcing some to minimize their number in their wardrobe.

If you like clothes of white color, you prefer to sleep on white sheets and use the same towels, you should not deny yourself this, you just need to know how to whiten your laundry.

Traditional methods of bleaching linen

Many women still remember how boiled underwear in tanks and buckets, and in the kitchen there was a strong smell of bleach and steam from hot water. In this way they achieved the purity and whiteness of things, and I must say that it was very successful.

This method can be used even now, the recipe has remained the same (500 g of chlorine powder and 500 g of soda ash are added to 10 liters of water; the solution is drawn for 24 hours, then filtered and the laundry is boiled in it for 2 hours).With this method, even the strongest contaminants are eliminated, but the disadvantage of this bleaching is the rapid wear of the fabric. Therefore, it can be used only in case of strong need, and only for fabrics of linen and cotton.

Today, simple and effective household cleaning products are available for returning the original whiteness to things. Among them are aggressive chlorine-containing ones, such as “Whiteness”, and safer ones: “Vanish OXI Action”, “Eared Nannies” for children's underwear, “Dr. Beckmann” bleaches, “Heitmann” (specifically designed to whiten underwear ), "Ecover", "Antipyatin", oxygen means "Sodasan" and others.

And yet, despite the abundance of chemicals, some hostesses still remain faithful to the national means of bleaching, over the years have not lost their relevance. Consider them in more detail.

Folk methods of bleaching linen

Before you start bleaching, you need to determine the type of fabric, since each of them has its own means. Surely many housewives handy advice from the experts. To preserve the whiteness of things, they recommend not to wash different fabrics together and not to mix white and light linen.

Whiten cotton and linen

To whiten bed linen or clothes made of linen and cotton in the following way.

  1. In the basin pour warm water, 8-10 liters.
  2. Add 5 tbsp. l ammonia (it will make the water soft and neutralizes the effect of magnesium salts, because of which white clothing becomes yellow).
  3. If there is heavy dirt on the laundry, add a couple of tablespoons of turpentine.
  4. Leave the laundry soaked in this solution for 35-45 minutes, then wash in the usual way.

Whiten wool and silk

If you do not want to use chemical bleach from the store for woolen and silk things, you can use the old way of bleaching these delicate fabrics.

  1. Pour into a container of 10-12 liters. hot water.
  2. Pour 8 tbsp. l salt.
  3. In saline solution add 3 tbsp. l ammonia, 3 tbsp. l hydrogen peroxide (3%) and 3 tbsp. l washing powder.

All components should be completely dissolved, only after that they put the silk or wool underwear in the water and leave it soaked for 1-1.5 hours. After this time, things are washed as usual.

Whiten linen guipure

If you want to return the white color to the things from the guipure, before washing, dip them in hot water with peroxide and ammonia added to it and leave for 30 minutes. For 10 l. water will require 2 tbsp. l3% hydrogen peroxide and 1 tbsp. l ammonia.

How to whiten things with potassium permanganate

Bleaching can be done with a solution of potassium permanganate. To do this, manganese crystals are added to the bucket of warm water at the tip of the knife (the water should turn pink). A glass of laundry detergent is added to the solution and the pre-washed laundry is soaked for 10-15 minutes. After thoroughly rinsed.


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