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How to win chess?

Chess is not just a well-known game of intellectuals, but also a rather gambling game that combines logical thinking, the ability to analyze a situation and foresee several options for its resolution. Playing chess, we do not just let our brain work 100%, but also reduce the risk of developing sclerosis at an older age. Avid players are constantly participating in competitions, thereby working out and developing strategies that allow you to beat any opponent. That player is stronger, who in any situation in the game has the answer to the question of how to win chess even in a very difficult tournament. There are many strategies and each uses them according to his own scheme.

It’s clear that experience comes with years, and not all chess players are happy to share the secrets of their brilliant game, but for beginner chess players everything, we have prepared a selection of some basic strategies for how to quickly win chess. If you master them, perhaps your game results will improve, but once again we emphasize that you need to constantly train, and with different opponents in order to become a professional in your field.

Instructions on how to win in chess:

  • The strategy of a secured passed pawn is that you can obviously put a variety of pieces on your half of the board in such a way as to make them profitable. So, if you use the method of a protected passed pawn, you can open freedom of action for your king and protect the pawn from the impact of the opponent's pieces.
  • The strategy of undermining is to use the pawns in opposing the attack of the opponent's king by stirring one or more of them in order to weaken the strength of the opponent. Simply put, you give in in some cases, thereby opening access to the enemy figures of interest.
  • Stale-seeker strategy - applies when there are few figures left on the playing field. Your actions are to defend your king against your opponent with pawns.
  • The half-board strategy is that you place your king on the edge or corner of the game board in the half-roll position. In this case we play the game with pawns, but learn such a lesson - never deprive your king of mobility, otherwise you can lose the game.
  • The strategy of additional rates is that you acquire reserve moves that can lead to a win. So, if you use additional moves with pawns, it is possible to carry out a distracting attack by the king, who is sent to the enemy's kingside.
  • Mate knight and pawn - this option is possible in the case when the enemy king is stationary, as it is in the corner of the board. Then you can try to checkmate with one knight and pawn.

Humorous ways to win chess

Well, now, some ways that, though not help you become a champion in the game, but significantly raise your spirits.

  • Encourage your figures in a quiet whisper.
  • With each shah, it is necessary to perform a merry kangaroo dance, after which he busily fix his tie and, as if nothing had happened, sit down again at the table, asking: what is it?
  • Every time you make a knight's move, say: "Tygydym-tygydym-tygydym-opa!"
  • Take Kasparov's photo with you and ask him for advice before each step.
  • Before you walk, stand on your head, explaining that when you have blood flow to your head, you think better.

In order to succeed in chess, you should not just practice regularly, but also love this game. A person who is truly passionate about something is doomed to success.


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