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How to wish a brother a happy birthday

How to wish a brother a happy birthday

How to wish a brother a happy birthday

Among a lot of native people, brothers always take a special place, because they are not just blood relatives, but they are often an example for imitation. There is no such brother who would not come to the rescue in a difficult hour, would not help either by word or deed. Here you can see beautiful and funny congratulations on your birthday to your brother from your sister in verse and prose, unusual audio greetings and practical jokes on your mobile phone.


In childhood and adolescence between brothers and sisters, there is often a difference in age: older brothers are often idols for younger children, and therefore the attitude towards them is special. The youngest in the eyes of the elders act as pupils and pupils, in this case, the elders feel responsible for their relatives and often try to convey to them the experience gained.


For the younger brother, the attention and respect of the elders is very important. Ask your friends to take part in his congratulations, let them make some compliments. The little brother will surely be pleased, because the older guys have paid attention to him, and this is always pleasant in childhood.Any thing that has long been desired, but owned by one of the brothers or sisters, will delight him. For example, a bicycle or a skateboard.


In the case when the elder brother is in the role of the birthday boy, the younger ones should try to come up with a good greeting. Sometimes they can become a whole day of exemplary behavior, however, in most cases, this is not enough. A great option is a postcard of its own production. In general, any thing made with love and care will please the elder brother, therefore, the main thing is diligence.


In a more mature age, any brother will be happy to receive an invitation to dinner with surprises in the form of unexpected appearances of old friends and pleasant gifts. Before that, look for his things, toys from childhood, and also make and beautifully decorate a photo album, which will be pictures taken throughout his life. Do not forget: a brother, like any other man, has his own passions and passions. Use it.


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