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How to write a complaint to a neighbor?

Anastasia Rakhmatova
Anastasia Rakhmatova
January 12, 2015
How to write a complaint to a neighbor?

Neighbors do not give you peace in your own apartment: they constantly make noise, yell, throw garbage at the entrance? If conversations do not help, you need to ask for help. Let's talk about where and to whom to contact in such cases.

How to write a complaint to a neighbor: tips


If the neighbors constantly shout and make noise at night, then you need to take a voice recorder and record the noise on tape, and then go along with it to the district officer. He will have to draw up a protocol and fine the neighbors. If this does not temper the fervor of the neighbors, you can write a statement with the whole team, collecting signatures of the tenants of the house, and take them to the Department of Internal Affairs. This usually gives a good result.


Your neighbor's dog periodically fulfills its needs in the entrance, barking loudly at night? Then you should apply to the housing organization at your place of residence with complaints of dirt, noise and unbearable odor.


Your neighbor constantly smokes on the landing, and smoke penetrates not only into his lungs,but to your beautiful apartment? How to deal with it? Now there is a government right for smoking because the law prohibiting smoking in hallways, elevators and other public places came into force. If a neighbor violates this law, then boldly call him to order with the help of the police.


Neighbors constantly littering not only on the staircase or in the stairwell, but also in front of your door? Neighbors are required to keep the common property clean. Otherwise, go to the beginning with a statement to the police, and then with a complaint to the Federal Service. Require an examination. If this does not help, contact the prosecutor's office.


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