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How to write a social studies essay?

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How to write a social studies essay?

An essay is a small essay-reasoning, signs of which are brevity, freedom in choosing a topic and a presentation of the material. Let's talk more about how to write an essay on social studies.

The purpose of the essay is to provide information about something and an explanation of the described phenomena. The essay lacks a plot line and characters. The point of view which the author expounds in the essay can be individual and innovative. His opinion, according to the tradition of the genre, may concern philosophy, sociology, criticism, and other branches.

The main features of the genre

Essay on social studies has its own characteristics that distinguish it from other subjects. The most important feature is that it is a creative essay on a specific problem. Issues considered in the work may be related to the basic social sciences. The student should carefully study the problems of each individual branch of science. In particular:

  • philosophy;
  • social psychology;
  • sociology;
  • the economy;
  • political science;
  • jurisprudence.

The student needs to summarize his understanding of the problem and confirm his point of view with facts. In this paper, it is desirable to provide powerful arguments, operate with terms of social science, and also show good theoretical knowledge.

Students must:

  • in writing, clearly and competently state their reasoning regarding a specific problem;
  • in an independent manner to show creative thinking.

Essay writing structure

  1. Introduction Briefly describe the problem area on the chosen topic, consider the relevance of the topic at the moment, express your own opinion.
  2. Main part. Expand the essay topic, give a detailed answer to the main question, defend your point of view with arguments. Rules regarding paragraphs: one paragraph - one opinion.
  3. Conclusion Combine the findings, repeat the basic statements and, if possible, pick up quotes to them.

How to prepare for the exam

First of all, each student should understand that it will take him a lot of time to learn how to write an essay on social studies.If he does not prepare in advance, he will not be able to write an essay on this subject. Good results can appear only after two or three months of hard work. Only systematic exercises and sustainability will help to cope with this task.

In preparing for the exam school textbooks on social studies will not be enough. Social science is a science that studies society and the social processes taking place in it. It also includes other branches of science. Therefore, you will need literature that summarizes the material covered.

The list of recommended literature for preparing for the exam:

  • Baranov P.A. "Social Studies. A complete guide to prepare for the exam.
  • Kishenkova O.V. �Preparing for the exam. The highest level of quality. Exam on social studies.
  • Klimenko A., Romaninin V. "Social Studies".
  • Kravchenko A.I. "Social Studies".
  • �Social Studies: a textbook for applicants� edited by Yu. Petrunin.
  • Dictionaries of social studies, sociology, political science.
  • Frantsuzova O.A. "Social Science Allowance".

Internet resources:

  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • ;
  • .

Learning terminology

Preparing for the exam, learn the basic terms and concepts of social science.For example, you can do this in the form of a table. Write down the concepts and terms in the left column, their meanings in the right column.

To keep abreast of all social events, be interested in the daily results of the day. It is necessary to make a habit every day to be interested in events in the world. For example, read newspapers, watch news and analytical programs. All this, undoubtedly, will help to cope with the exam in social studies.

How to write an essay on social studies

The work of writing an essay on social studies begins with the selection of a topic. The topics that are provided in the exam are, in a way, aphorisms. Human reaction to them may be ambiguous. They can encourage discussion, certain reasoning.

  • First of all, carefully and intently read all the topics offered to choose from. Choose the topic that you know and mastered best.
  • Choosing an essay topic is a crucial task. In the student there must be confidence that he: �
    • has good knowledge of the science to which his topic relates;
    • will be able to understand the essence of the statement and formulate his point of view;
    • knows basic social science terms in order to theoretically analyze the chosen topic;
    • will cite examples from the history of society, to protect their position.
  • Express your personal opinion on the chosen topic; This is evaluated by examiners first.
  • State your own understanding of other people's sayings. For example: "I fully agree with the author" or "I do not agree with the opinion of the author."
  • Argue your point. Evidence must be substantiated, accurate, convincing, so that no one could doubt their indisputability. Put the arguments in strict sequence. Do not jump without explanation from one place to another. As evidence, you can use facts from society.
  • Use the basic terms, concepts, definitions in the essay competently and appropriately. No need to overload the essay with terminology too much. Everything should be mentioned in place.
  • If possible, write what other researchers think about your problem, what is their opinion.
  • Briefly summarize the above.

Criteria for assessing social studies:

  • the student must know the basic social science terms and use them correctly in their work;
  • be able to characterize, explain and compare most social objects and processes;
  • use your own illustrations to the basics of the theory;
  • personal analysis and evaluation of social facts is also important.

A student will receive a high score if:

  • reveal the problematic of the essay at the level of theory;
  • formulate and defend their author's position;
  • his opinion will be based on social processes and personal experience in the life of society;
  • will prove the ability to analyze facts.

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