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How to write a vacation application?

September 13, 2012
How to write a vacation application?

Earned and felt that you need to relax? It's time to write an application for vacation and go on a well-deserved vacation! We will tell you how to do this now.

  1. Take a blank sheet of paper, a pen and in the upper right corner of the sheet write on the first line the full name of the organization in which you work.
  2. Further, under this line, also in the upper right corner, indicate the following “To the Director (full name of the director by initials and the last name in full).
  3. On the third line in the upper right corner write down “from (position, your full name in the genitive case)” The first three lines should be in the upper right part of the application.
  4. Further down the middle of the sheet, write the word "statement" with a small letter and put a dot.
  5. Below write over the entire width of the sheet the following "Please provide me with an annual basic paid leave from (specify full date) to (specify full date) 2012 (or another one you need) of the year."
  6. In the lower left corner after the text, put the full date of writing the application, in the lower right - your signature.

That's all! As you can see, nothing complicated. Now you know how to write a vacation application. The instruction given by us is suitable for writing an application for the next paid vacation. If you want to go on maternity leave, leave at your own expense, etc., the content of the application may vary. How to write an application for leave in these situations, you can contact your employer, or use the sample forms that are freely available on the Internet.


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