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How was man made?

The heated debates around various theories of human origins have not subsided to this day: Darwinists argue that man is descended from a monkey; religious people believe that everything, including man, was created by God; but there is an opinion that humans arose due to the activities of the alien mind. Which of them is right? Everyone chooses the theory that is closest to him. Let's take a closer look at the theory of creating people.


Creationism is a concept according to which all forms of life, including people, were created by God or the Creator. The theory that man appeared due to divine power arose much earlier than the materialistic view that humans evolved from monkeys. In all ancient religions there are myths in which god or gods create people in various ways. In anthropogenic myths, people are usually created from natural materials: clay, water, wood, etc. For example, in ancient Egyptian mythology the god-demiurge (that is, the creator) Khnum sculpts people on the potter's wheel, and then breathes life into them.The ancient Sumerians believed that Marduk and other gods killed the monster Tiamat and her husband Abzu, mixed the latter’s blood with clay, and the first man emerged from this mixture.

Adam and Eve - the first people

The Bible, the Torah and the Koran describe how God the Father created the first man Adam on the sixth day of creation. God created Adam in his image and likeness. According to the second story in the Book of Genesis, Adam was fashioned "from the dust of the ground," clay. Then God breathed life into him and placed Eden in the Garden of Eden, where all the plants and animals created by divine power appeared before Adam. After that, God put Adam to sleep, took one of his ribs and made him the first woman, Eve. Eve became a wife for Adam. The first people lived happily in the Garden of Eden, until they were driven out of there for their fall into sin.

Judaism and Islam also recognize the theory of divine creation, Darwin's evolutionary theory is subjected to harsh criticism.

Scientific creationism

In addition to purely theological creationism, there is a scientific one. The concept of "Intelligent Design" tries to scientifically substantiate the theory of divine creation. The followers of this concept believe that the perfection of the structure of the universe and living beings is explained by the plan of the higher mind, that is, God.They seek to confirm the texts of the Bible with scientific evidence, as well as refute the facts of Darwin's evolutionary theory.

Theory of External Intervention

To date, there are many alternative theories of creating living beings. The theory of external intervention answers the question of how man was created. In accordance with this theory, man is none other than the direct descendant of the newcomers. This topic is often discussed in popular science literature and science fiction films. For example, writers Stanislav Lem and Robert Sheckley devoted their books to the subject of alien intervention.

The theory of external intervention today is gaining more and more supporters. There are disputes over whether the ancient pyramids of Egypt and Mexico could have been built by humans, or whether this is evidence of the presence of aliens on Earth.

There are several versions of how aliens started the human race. Consider options for how people could be created by aliens.

  • People may be direct descendants of aliens who landed on Earth in ancient times and lost contact with their planet.
  • A highly developed alien civilization derived by breeding or grew up in a population of intelligent beings.
  • Humanoids interbred with the highest primates, the first people appeared through generations.
  • Aliens deduced the first people by genetic engineering.
  • The evolution of anthropoid apes was, but it occurred according to the plan of the alien mind.

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