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Inadequate Norwegian skates naked and drinks vodka: video

0The new year is over, and we have already managed to forget how fun it was to celebrate. However, this is not true for all - some find it difficult to forget the holiday, because they are constantly reminded of it!
Here is a typical example of such a problem: this Norwegian just wanted to have fun during the New Year holidays! Needless to say, it brought him a certain popularity. Now, even if he really wants to forget about his New Year's tricks, he will simply not be allowed to do this!

Watch this video too. People are able to have fun! Or is it the amount of alcohol consumed? I think this will remain a mystery.

In this way, some people manage not only to meet the New Year, but also to make history in some way. Although there is something good about breaking off such numbers.

And how did you celebrate the holidays yourself? Do you still have videos with funny moments of the evening? If so, why don't you post them on YouTube to gain some popularity?
In general, look at the eccentricities of others, learn from their mistakes and, while doing something ridiculous and extravagant, make sure that none of the people around you are holding a camera in their hands.


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