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Incredibly delicious recipe for dry jam. Appreciate all

  • Baranov Dmitry

    How much sugar should go on point 2, and how much on point 3.?

  • Anonymous

    I think the dressing - extra sugar, "eye"

  • Anonymous

    Well, the recipe! With sugar is not clear. And this - send to dry for 2 days, WHERE?

  • Anonymous

    After 30 minutes at 200 degrees. apples do not turn into jam?

  • Anonymous

    There is a suspicion that points 2 and 3 are confused in places. Those. First you need to dry the apples.

  • Tatyana

    Temperature too high. Apples are just baked. I think that for candied fruit (dry jam), the temperature should be chosen 60-80 degrees. See how to cook candied fruits.

  • Anonymous

    Apples had nowhere to go! Therefore, the idea very much. It turns out every time in different ways. I do not put lemon and cinnamon. I dry out in the oven or on the battery.


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