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Is it possible to get pregnant with an interrupted act?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
May 24, 2011

Interruption of sexual intercourse, for many centuries, people have used as a method of contraception. Despite the unreliability of this type of protection (the risk of getting pregnant is 27%, that is, every fourth girl practicing this method becomes pregnant), it is still popular today. This is because this contraceptive method does not require any special devices and can be used on any day of the cycle.

What is the essence of interruption of sexual intercourse? And the essence is simple: a man must complete sexual intercourse (remove the penis from the vagina) before ejaculation (ejaculation). So is it possible to get pregnant with interrupted sexual intercourse?

Interrupted intercourse and pregnancy

You can get pregnant if you have interrupted intercourse. The fact is that before a man ejaculates, the preseminal fluid begins to stand out.

Many researchers do not exclude the presence of sperm in the pre-seminal fluid, the penetration of which into the vagina, as a rule, leads to pregnancy.

In addition, you can become pregnant when the act is interrupted due to lack of self-control and discipline of the man. During the culmination of sexual intercourse, a man may forget or just not have time to remove a member from the vagina. But even a small amount of sperm that enters the vagina can cause pregnancy.

It should be remembered that spermatozoa enter the vagina during the whole process of sexual intercourse. Especially if it is a repeat act. So the chances of getting pregnant from the discharge even when interrupted sexual intercourse are very high.

Cons interrupted sexual intercourse

The researchers do not recommend using this method of contraception, as it adversely affects the organisms of the partners: it leads to impotence in men and the appearance of frigidity in women. In addition, a sharp decrease in sexual desire is not excluded, which is also extremely undesirable.

In general, the method of interrupting sexual intercourse is a very unreliable method of protection. It is recommended to practice it as little as possible.

Nowadays, there are many types of contraception, much more efficiently and reliably acting than interrupted sexual intercourse.

You can take special hormonal pills, use a spiral, diaphragm, and, trivially, condoms. Particularly popular recently method: natural family planning, as it does not require any extras and the use of various chemical or hormonal substances.


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