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It is fashionable: clothes, shoes and decorations with inscriptions

Irina Shchapova

Irina Shchapova,
journalist, feminist and restless shopaholic

What are you thinking now? What political views do you have? Oh yeah, and how are you? All these questions can now be answered without words - with the help of things. They will tell you whether you are a feminist or you love cats (or both!), How you experience Mondays and what brands you go crazy about, where you want to run away from the city and how to cheer yourself up. Such frank and visual freedom of speech does not exactly suit each of us. But you will not know until you try ...

Svitshot with an inscription

We couldn’t go past this thing, if only for the reason that it personally illustrates what is happening with the modern fashion - “gucification”. Now, following Gucci’s example, they want to make from collections not an applied collection of trends, but a colorful theatrical show.

Gucci Sweatshirt

Gucci Sweatshirt (£ 659)

T-shirt with lettering

Everything is simple and clear: the club of those without a bra. In the summer without the last one, life is especially beautiful, so persuade yourself to try, if you used to be shy and embarrassed.

T-shirt Manokhi

Manokhi T-shirt (€ 139)

Panties with the inscription

The expression "the art of kissing" on panties gives rise in the head erotic scenarios. Now you know what to give to a girlfriend who loves spicy stories, or what kind of “art history” gift to please yourself.

Panties love stories

Panties Love Stories (€ 30)

Cap with the inscription

We have noticed that things with inscriptions are increasingly seeking to convey social phenomena. For example, this headdress formulates the ideology of social networks, where behind photo-shooted photos are real dreams to seem better and live better.

Cap Joshua Sanders

Cap Joshua Sanders (5 326 rub.)

Bracelet with an inscription

This positive message will not be decisively refused by anyone, so keep this golden jewel in mind when you are looking for, than to cheer up your dear and close person.

Efremov bracelet, inset - pink gold

Efremov bracelet, inset - rose gold (to order)

Flip flops

"Less than Mondays and more surfing" - oh, how can you not agree, especially when the heat still does not occur. We would add more bikinis and surfers here - that's who makes the holidays in the tropics even hotter.

Pull and Bear spanking

Slippers Pull and Bear (1 599 rub.)

Bag with inscriptions

Otpetym instagramerschitsam dedicated! Tags, as you know, raise the popularity of posts, but the bag with tags may raise your own popularity: everyone will ask,where did you get such and does not confuse you its full transparency.

Stradivarius bag

Bag Stradivarius (999 rubles)

Socks with lettering

Actual mantra on any working day of the week: Down with stress, turn on better miniature videos with cats and smile without a break until the mood changes for the better by itself.


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