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"The world of the Jurassic period - 2" and 5 more cool premieres of this week

Dinosaurs this time - milaha, with whom you can hardly make friends, but who need to be saved.
In the next film of the popular franchise, the park with dinosaurs is endangered: a powerful volcano is moving nearby and threatening to flood everything with burning lava.

Park manager Claire decides to bring dinosaurs out of the park with the help of millionaire Lockwood, but his help is not as gratuitous as it seemed. Zoopsiholog Owen again goes to the dinosaurs to help them avoid death.

"Beauty on the head"

New "Bridget Jones."

Directors:Abby Cohn, Mark Silverstein
Cast:Amy Schumer, Michelle Williams, Tom Hopper, Rory Scowel, Adrian Martinez, Emily Ratakovski

Very nice comedy with the girl-stand-maker Amy Schumer. Amy and in his speeches advocates the ability to receive joy from life in a variety of ways (even perverted and unobvious).The movie says about the same thing: if you are happy with yourself, then life is getting better.

Rene - a girl with forms that are far from ideal. She is lonely and not too happy. Hitting her head on the simulator in the gym, Rene begins to believe that she is an unreal beauty with the body of a goddess. Overwhelming self-irony and a positive attitude is what everyone who misses Bridget Jones needs.


Cinema about youth, freedom, music and love.

Producer:Kirill Serebrennikov
Cast:Teo Yu, Roman Bilyk, Irina Starshenbaum, Philip Avdeev, Alexander Gorchilin, Julia Aug, Nikita Efremov

A musical about the Leningrad underground rock of the early 80's. Still healthy, but already in a mild crisis, Mike Naumenko, a very young Choi, handsome as a BG god - they all just have to become legends. But now is the summer of the 81st, the heroes are young, reckless, full of hope and confident that they, like rock, will live forever.


Good indie horror with gorgeous Tony Collett.

Producer:Ari Aster
Cast:Tony Collett, Gabriel Byrne, Alex Wolfe, Milli Shapiro, Ann Daud

When a horror film comes out every week, if not one at a time, it's hard to believe that something extraordinary can be done in this genre.But when everything coincides: the chilling story, the talent and the irony of the production director and the professional acting game (Tony Collette's film beneficiary), you get a film that can be put on the same shelf as Psycho and Bell and never regret it.
After the death of elderly mother Annie, something changes in the life of her family. Every day brings new nightmares, and Annie understands that you need to dig into the distant past to deal with them ...


The incredible adventures of the Russian pioneers Semyon Chelyuskin and Vasily Pronischev.

Producer:Dmitry Suvorov
Cast:Nail Abdrakhmanov, Alina Lanina, Yevgeny Tkachuk, Danila Yakushev, Valery Barinov

The film is about how Semyon Chelyuskin and Vasily Pronischev set off along the Lena River to the Arctic Ocean in order to draw the borders of their homeland on a geographical map. On board the vessel, travelers and future discoverers discovered the beautiful Mary, who had fled from the groom. Trinity is waiting for adventure, danger and even a little magic.

Thanks to “The First”, Evgeny Tkachuk, who brilliantly played in the film “How Vitka Garlic took Lech Shtyr to the disabled home”,appeared in the "Chernovik" and performed the role of Semyon Chelyuskin in the "First", becomes the first row of modern young actors, spreading the shoulders of Alexander Petrov and Danilo Kozlovsky.


Anti-war drama, won the prize of the Venice Film Festival

Producer:Samuel Maoz
Cast:Lior Ashkenazi, Sarah Adler, Yonatan Shirai, Shira Haas

The anti-war parable of Israeli director Samuel Maoz, who shot Lebanon. Parents receive a report that their son, serving in the army, died in the line of duty. At the same time, the son, alive and well, is bored in his unit. The toggle switch, switching emotions from grief to laughter, works from the beginning to the very end of the film.


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