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Kristen Stewart in the “My Customer” Mystical Trailer

Do not miss the trailer for the new film Oliver Assayas, whose debut show took place in the framework of the Cannes Film Festival. "Personal Buyer" is a psychological thriller about a young American Maureen (Kristen Stewart), who lives in Paris, is well versed in fashion and helps rich and famous clients create the perfect wardrobe. In his spare time, Maureen is trying to make contact with his twin brother. “We swore that the one who is the first of us to leave this world will try to give a sign from the next world,” she explains in one of the scenes. In the best traditions of mystical thrillers, the heroine of the film lives in a huge empty house, in which her brother died, and instead of moving to a more comfortable place and not traumatizing the psyche, the girl tries to get in touch with the ghost. Judging by the frame in which the heroine Kristen in horror runs out of the house, the latter is not very friendly.

Despite the fact that in Cannes the film won an award in the nomination “The Best Director's Work”, not all critics are ready to recognize the picture as successful. In particular, the dispersion of opinions was caused by the game Kristen Stewart: some consider it exceptional, while others assume that “Personal Buyer” will be one of the most controversial works of the actress. Independently evaluate the director's work Assayas and acting game Kristen we can only in February.


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