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Lacing - stylish trend this season

The latest fashion shows surprised and pleased all viewers, because the lacing is back in fashion. Designers did not stint and actively used it not only in clothes, but also in underwear, accessories and footwear.

Her popularity is due to the fact that this seemingly simple decor can transform any thing, giving it coquetry, sexuality and femininity. But, as in the case of any trend, it is worth knowing in which cases the lacing will be appropriate, and when it is worth refraining from such things.

We are pleased to share with you the knowledge gained.

Frank style

Things with lots of laces can be seen in the collections of the famous Fashion Houses Prada, Alexander McQueen and many others. She is present on outerwear, dresses, knitted sweaters and even ornaments. But one of the special elements is, of course, the corset. Let's understand in which cases they will be relevant.

Street look with a skirt. Modest at first glance, but at the same time a shirt or a top with a lacing on the chest will create a very effective image. It will perfectly complement its monophonic stylish knee-length skirt and laconic jacket or vest.If the pencil skirt is uncomfortable for you, you can replace it with a flared version of the same length. In this form, you can better go to a business lunch, training or coffee break with friends at lunchtime.

Street style with pants. This option will look more bold, but you're not afraid of experiments. The same top, dressed with ripped jeans and an elongated cardigan, will create a casually feminine look.

But lacing can be a decoration not only for the top. Sports pants with this decor are perfect for walking, leisure and informal meetings. To make the ensemble look harmonious, you need to complement it with T-shirts with long or short sleeves in a sporty style, sneakers or moccasins.

In the light. Are you going to the theater, to a celebration or a corporate party? Choose a pantsuit or a jumpsuit with a lacing on the chest and a V-neck. The only thing you need to remember is not to choose bright colors. Pastel colors will be a great solution and will not give the image of vulgarity.

Date and rest. Such a frank decor on the dresses will look perfectly appropriate if you choose the right style.Everyone's favorite boho style, which is notable for its particular comfort, can be created by wearing a light maxi dress with flirty cords on the chest. This may be a monotonous version or a model with an ethnic pattern. Such a bow will complement the bag with a fringe and shoes with low speed or steady heels. Wearing such clothes on vacation is a pleasure.

But for a date, a beautiful dress to the knee with a slightly flared skirt and a neckline, neatly tied with ribbons, is suitable.

Beach look and underwear. Beach tunics, swimsuits, short dresses and even panties and bras are decorated with lacing. Attention men you provided.

Footwear. Here the flight of designers' fantasy did not stop at any particular model, but completely covered all possible options, from winter boots and demi-season boots, ending with ballet shoes, neat sandals with heels and "gladiators."

Lacing is able to make any thing feminine and tender. But remember that measure is important in everything. When purchasing such a noticeable and sometimes defiant thing, do not forget to balance the image with monophonic clothing of simple cut.

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