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Looking for new suppliers of shoes.

Help find a new supplier of shoes for the whole family. The fact is that I have two points in the bazaar in Kiev, plus my online store, I sell mostly shoes, both men's and women's. Now I want to connect more children's shoes for the season, maybe a couple of fashionable models.
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Answered 7 march 20:52
It seems to me that it is difficult to buy shoes on the Internet, since initially it is impossible to guess the quality of the goods, and the order is usually made wholesale. If suddenly the quality is not very, then it will be hard for you to sell this product.
Answered on March 7 20:56
Of course, see for yourself, but I also would not risk buying a large batch from a new supplier. You can take to start a couple of positions, as they say on the sample, and then make large orders. You can, for example, order wholesale shoes here, see if sales go, add another lot.
Answered on March 7 21:08
The Internet is now filled with various wholesale offers, the main thing in this diversity is to find your supplier.I think this can only be done through trial and error, only by ordering trial lots, you will really see the quality of the shoes.

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