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Lou Doillon Fashion

Lou Doillon might be, if I have to use a term I hate, my fashion icon. Without a doubt, Lou Doillon is obviously one of the reasons the term “Paris Chic” was coined.

She swans around Paris and the rest of the world with her messy, rock-chic hair, her suitcase packed to the brim with oversized coats, biker boots, patterned leggings, etc, always producing a look that is absolutely, without a doubt, cool. She never tends to stick to one look – motorcycle boots one day, cowgirl boots the next, toeless heels the next. You get the picture.

When the time calls for it, she can pull off any look (see: “pirate chic” in the middle, complete with pirate hat & boots). Even her hair always has just the right amount of color at the roots, leading me to believe she knows exactly what she is doing, even though she always looks as nonchalant and “just rolled out of bed” as one girl can possibly be.

Lou Doillon Fashion

In the first two pictures, I see my favorite Parisian in a leather jacket. Easy enough. Who doesn’t have some form of black leather jacket? But paired with patterned leggings and cowboy boots. I literally had those exact leggings when I was eight. Why do I suddenly feel myself wanting them back whenever I see this picture?

Said “pirate chic” outfit in the next picture, deftly pairing a floaty, almost bohemian style dress with her pirate accessories. And finally, in the last two pictures, she somehow manages to make an oversized, grey wool coat (which, on paper, just sounds so boring) look very chic with her grungy plaid shirt and bohemian plaited hair or a frayed lace white dress and top hat.

Is there anything this girl can’t wear? I fear not and therefore my own style will forever be left 100 paces behind, blindly wandering in the style jungle.

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Lou Doillon Fashion
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Lou Doillon Fashion images
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Watch Lou Doillon Fashion video

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