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Loved the introvert: how to build relationships

We all know the types of personality introvert and extrovert. It is not always easy to form a dialogue for people of different temperament. What is an extrovert girl to do if the guy is an introvert? Did love swallow the phrase "do not get along with the characters"? We learn from our expert.
Ekaterina Fedorova - famous psychologist, leading sex-trainer of Moscow, an expert on sexual relations with many years of experience. Founder and director of the women's center, coach, member of the Hellinger club, member of TV-programs, author of educational books.
Ekaterina Fedorova

Most people on the planet are extroverts: cheerful, sociable, open and emotional. They radiate colossal energy that feeds the family, the collective, the society. But in nature there is always a place of opposites. White is black, north is south, water is stone. Such a system of the world originated billions of years ago and has its undeniable charm. Antipodes exist in psychology.The opposite of extroverts are introverts. These people are focused on their inner world, they are closed, not inclined to communicate, and have difficulty in establishing contacts with the outside world.

Not all relationships can be called ideal. And who said that they should be perfect. If there is a woman-fire in the family, then the man-water will be the most appropriate way to complement it, and vice versa. As they say, opposites attract. But very often women, when faced with difficulties, try to find the cause of their birth in anyone, but not in themselves. The mood has deteriorated - it means �it�s your fault, we constantly sit at home and don�t go anywhere�, the child�s bad behavior is �because the son has a father who is melancholic and cannot bring up a normal person�. In fact, introverts are faithful husbands, loving fathers, prudent interlocutors and surprisingly subtle humorists. It is important to learn how to convey to them information, hear and understand their point of view.

Rules of life with introverts

Avoid emotional discussions and controversy on high tones.

Introverts do not like conflicting communication and try to protect themselves from unpleasant dialogue.In an ardent extrovert, ignorance often provokes even greater anger. In the end, a woman emotionally burns out, despairs, and adds a couple more wrinkles. Agree, an unpleasant story for both partners. Try to solve any problem tactfully and calmly. Yes, it is not always easy, but with angry speeches you will definitely not achieve anything. Hurtful words are remembered by the introvert for a long time, and even if outwardly it is not always noticeable, in the depths of the soul they can experience an emotional trauma for a very long time.

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Take their leisurely pace of life

Introverts are not in a hurry, enjoying every minute of their life. They know how to get pleasure from small things: to admire a blooming flower, to be touched when you are bathing a child. Rhythmic extroverts often lack this. People of ardent temperament are always in a hurry somewhere, they fly into the office like lightning and disappear, always leaving a pleasant or unpleasant aftertaste. They are hard not to notice, they are burning, but they forget that the lamp cannot burn forever. If your partner is an introvert, rejoice and learn from him the love of simple human things,which sometimes bring indescribable pleasure and peace.

Let's be alone

The inner world of an introvert is multifaceted. They like to dream for a long time, draw rainbow pictures and walk for hours along the riverbank. No need to steal from them precious moments of solitude. At a time when a loved one adjusts the frequency of harmony of the soul with nature, enjoy yourself. Many women do not have enough personal space, and you will always have it. Drink coffee with a friend, visit a beautician, read a book. Each person must have personal time, which he has the right to dispose of at his discretion.

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Do not suppress or humiliate

A man - the head of the family, and no matter what his temperament. Women increasingly forget about this and begin to drag the blanket over to their side. Perhaps the post-war situation has led to the modern matriarchy in the family. There were few men in the country, many mothers had to play the role of father, mentor, and warden. Gradually, society became accustomed to such a lifestyle, and today in many families a man has lost respect and the right of the last word.This is a huge mistake that must be corrected. To respect your man is to respect your choice. Let him be who he should be. Do not humiliate the group, the family, or alone with each other.

Take care of their love

Introvert love is true happiness. They are difficult to enter into a relationship, because they are afraid to make a mistake and be rejected. However, if you win their heart, you can enlist the support and devotion for a lifetime. Recall Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice. At first glance, a cold and arrogant person subsequently turns out to be a courageous, sympathetic and incredibly touching romantic.

The main signs that your man is an introvert

1. He likes being alone.

2. He is not happy to meet new people.

3. He is able to speak well, but does not participate in discussions.

4. He does not like large crowds.

5. He doesn't like interviews and job interviews.

6. He prefers letters to calls.

7. He is polite.

8. He tries to plan everything in advance.

9. He sometimes likes to just do nothing.

10. His friends are extroverts.

Of course, in life there is no one hundred percent recipe for happiness.We cannot say that if you follow all these rules, then the introvert will be an angel, an inviolable mutual understanding will reign in the family, and a man will never leave the family. In love, there is always a place for improvisation, the main thing is to trust your feelings and not lose composure.


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