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The ancient teachings of Feng Shui convinces that souvenirs in the form of a pair attract and keep love. Therefore, Valentine's Day is an excellent occasion to present to loved ones such a talisman. To sew the inseparable, prepare: - cotton cloth in a fine pattern and threads that match in color; - filler;
- black and white acrylic paint; - sewing tools (needle, scissors, sewing machine, tailor pins); - small piece of felt; - satin ribbon and muline thread for decoration (optional) . So let's get started. 1. The pattern can be used ready, and you can draw for yourself (then your product will definitely be unique). Place it on the material, folded twice face inward. Let's wrap around.
 apply the template
2. We sew on the machine along the contour and cut out with allowances. Nadsechem scissors for ease of turning.
 cut outpatterns
 cut out patterns
3. Turn out, straightening the seam. On the front side, draw a line on the front side that will divide the animals. ne machine line.
4. Tightly fill with filler.
5. Zashye m bottom edge (apply a hidden seam). Fold the edges of the cut corner inward and also sew up with inconspicuous stitches. Repeat with the second angle.
6. Draw a face with acrylic. We decorate the figures at our discretion. For example, we will sew a felt heart with embroidery, which will be very important on Valentine's Day.
To make a souvenir brighter and more interesting, you can combine fabric of different colors. For this, the animals will be cut out separately and change the pattern. 1. We translate the silhouettes on the fabric cuts,matching in color.
 apply the template
2. Stitch and cut as described above.
 apply the template
 cut patterns
cut out the patterns
3. Turn out and tightly fill. We sew the bottom.
cutting out patterns
4. Mirror each other and connect the flank and ears of one cat with similar parts of the body with a secret seam.
5. Paint the face with acrylic paints. We will tie with a thin satin ribbon and lace, which in several places will be attached with small stitches to the torso of animals.
That's it, easily and quickly, a symbol of love and loyalty ready to give its owner the warmth of your heart.

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