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Manicure with foil: unusual, beautiful and stylish

It is becoming easier and simpler to look stylish, well-groomed and beautiful in the modern world every day; moreover, it turns into a rather important need that needs to be fulfilled in order to correspond to a certain status and level.

That is why most women with such trepidation refer to their appearance, they strive for perfection to the very tips of their nails. And it’s hard not to notice that there are a lot of ways for such self-expression and care, and their number is inexorably growing, and only manage to get to know the new items and skillfully apply them in your daily life.

There are different types of manicure foil

Stylish and very unusual manicure with the use of shiny foil is one of these trends in modern nail design, which appeared relatively recently in the field of view of beautiful fashionistas.

But, despite this, this type of manicure has already managed to acquire a wide range of its fans, and although not many have already learned how to apply such a method in practice, there is nothing complicated about it.

A little attention, a little plodding, because labor is quite laborious, and you get a truly shining design of your nails, which will resemble the brilliance of precious stones or metals!

What else is nice: a manicure using such a foil can get thousands of different variations and ideas, combining various styles and textures will allow you to get the most fashionable and very creative design! Isn't it interesting? If so, then let's figure out how to make a trendy manicure with foil.

Basics of the basics

It is important to know that the foil in which you bake meat or in which chocolate is wrapped is not what you need to create a brilliant nail design. Such material is too thick for the creation of a neat manicure, it will be almost impossible to work with it, and there is no need.

Use to decorate one finger

For such purposes, specialized stores have long been selling a wide assortment of manicure foil, which is distinguished by its fine structure and a fairly diverse texture. On the shelves you can find several types of such foil, you will need to choose the one that fits your specific design.So what is it like?

  • Stickers with foil. These are peculiar strips of foil that have an adhesive base and a protective coating that protects the shiny surface from damage. It must be remembered that the material for such purposes is very thin, therefore, it is rather difficult to work with it. That is why this version of the foil is best suited for beginners in this business.
  • Sheet foil. This option can usually be found in the form of thin leaves, which the manufacturer folds into small rolls, packed in special plastic packaging. Sheet species are presented in the most different colors, you can find options with decor, effects and unusual patterns.
  • Thermo-foil. It has an unusual property: under the action of warm air, the sheet becomes soft and elastic, which makes it possible to simply cover the nails with it.
  • Embossed foil. It can be presented in the form of solid sheets or in the form of stickers, it has a special texture - the surface can be rough, or the mixture is rough and smooth. There are also many options for colors and patterns on the surface.

In addition to the basic material, for manicure with foil, you may need other tools that you can buy all in the same specialized stores.

For example, you can not do without a special glue, which has the appearance of ordinary milk nail polish, it is also called emulsion for applying foil.

You can use pieces of foil

In order not to get confused, you need glue or not (as in the case of stickers), it is better to consult with the seller directly in the store. In addition to such specific materials, you will need tweezers to once again not touch the foil with your hands, cotton swabs, colored varnishes, lacquer base and a fixing surface.

Stages of creating an unusual manicure

To get a really beautiful manicure with foil, you must first prepare your marigolds. To do this, clean them from the previous varnish, steam our fingers in the bath for nails with the addition of salt and chamomile.

After such a pleasant procedure, you can easily get rid of the cuticle with an orange stick. It remains to apply the lacquer base and our marigolds are ready to create new masterpieces. It is very important to pay attention to the cuticle, since all the irregularities and flaws with this design are very bright.

You can create masterpieces

Regardless of which foil design option you choose, basically the way it is applied is one for all. To begin, paint the nails in the desired color of lacquer, which will be a color base.

After that, we start using foil: paint with glue specifically the area that should hide under the foil. For example, if you are going to make a kind of French manicure, where the “smiley” area is sealed with foil, then in this case, you should paint this area with glue.

Try to apply it even when your colored lacquer base is not completely dry. Do not forget to cut out the necessary shape from the prepared foil with sharp manicure scissors. The next step is to transfer the foil to the nail plate.

Remember that its structure is quite fragile, so try not to touch it with your hands, but gently wield with tweezers.

It is important not to forget that for accurate and accurate gluing of the foil you have only one chance, because after it touches the nail plate, you can no longer drag it to another place or fix it, since it will simply tear.Then spread a piece of foil over the nail with a cotton swab to get rid of the folds and unnecessary bumps.

Luxury gold

If you do not want to completely cover the nail plate with foil, but use “fragments” or small pieces of material to get unusual abstract figures, as in aquarium manicure with foil, then a slightly different technique is used here.

Alternatively, simply distribute the “crumbs” of the foil on the nail plate, but it is even better to miss the necessary parts of the nail where you want to leave a shiny pattern.

Lightly apply a sheet of foil and begin to wield a needle, firmly pressing down on those parts of the sheet, which should remain a pattern. Carefully remove the rest of the foil with tweezers. To remove such an unusual shiny manicure, you can use the usual means for removing nail polish.

There are a large number of ideas for manicure design with foil, for example, options with painting, a combination of styles, the use of strips, which allow you to create amazing abstractions. Do not be afraid to dream and do not despair if something does not work the first time, because everything comes with experience!

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