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Master class: flower under the dome of the fairy tale about Beauty and the Beast

Almost everyone is familiar with the beautiful tale of true love, loyalty and devotion of a young beautiful girl to an enchanted prince. But it began with a small flower hidden under a crystal dome. Create a fabulous mood in your home, building a magical decoration of the most simple materials.

You can put a flower on the shelf or give it to romantic people who like fairy tales very much. The project is likely to be very popular with children.

The dome will be made of plastic bottle. Select the one on which there is no relief pattern. The color of the plastic must be absolutely transparent, without any color shade. You may have to specifically go to the store for a specific drink.

To begin, remove the label. Most bottles then leave traces of glue. Remove them with a cotton pad dipped in alcohol or nail polish remover.Best of all, the remaining adhesive removes the liquid to remove acrylic (it can be bought in a store for professional manicure). Cut the bottom of the bottle with a stationery knife, and trim the edges with scissors.

The top of the bottle is better to cut only with a knife. The plastic in this place is harder, and the scissors just scratch it.

The base can be made of any solid material. In this case, glued plywood was used. To cut an even circle, circle the contour of any round bowl of the desired diameter.

It remains only to cut the base and slightly polish its edges.

You can use a grinding stone or simple sandpaper.

Now the base needs to be painted. The author of this work additionally pasted over the side edges of the base with a film imitating artificial marble.

In the very center of the base a small hole is made to fix the flower. If you do not have a drill, you can shave a nail shallowly, and then pull it out.

The basis of the project was an artificial rose. First, try on how it will look inside the dome. If necessary, trim the stem. Leave a small stock for fastening in a wooden base.

Place the flower under the dome. In a fairy tale, the petals were falling, so tear off a few pieces and place them on a stand. It remains only to crown the design of a decorative cap. In this case, very successfully found a cap from the foam for the bathroom. You can use a simple glass ball.

It remains only to find the right place for the composition. It perfectly complements the gentle romantic room.


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