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Matting Wipes - Making the Right Choice

The skin of the face is not all perfect. Most girls complain about certain problems. One of them is the active work of the sebaceous glands, which makes the skin oily. Outwardly, it does not look very beautiful, because the whole face glitters and seems constantly sweaty. But there is a way out of this situation - special cosmetics. And how to choose matting napkins for the face, to forget about this problem forever?

In the summer you can not do without them

Why do you need it?

Under the skin are sebaceous glands. They are necessary, since it is their work that helps moisturize and protect the skin from drying out. But there is a downside. So, if the secretion of sebum is increased, the face will become fat, will shine in the sun, which does not look very impressive and attractive. By the way, about a quarter or even a third of the beautiful half of humanity faces this problem.

Packing should be comfortable.

Excess fat from the skin can be removed. For this, some use drying lotions with special ingredients.But such funds, unfortunately, do not provide protection for the whole day. And, going out in hot weather, the girl discovers that her whole face is shiny. In this case, the excess sebum just needs to be removed along with sweat and dirt. That's what we need wipes with matting effect.

How does this work?

A napkin is a piece of cloth or paper of small size, soaked in a certain solution. Such a solution includes components that are deposited on the surface of the villi and help remove excess sebaceous glands from the skin. In addition, this tool will avoid blocking the pores, as it removes sweat along with the dirt on the face.

Remedy should like your skin

Thanks to all this, the skin becomes clean, fresh and beautiful, the shine disappears. There are a wide variety of wipes, almost every manufacturer of cosmetics produces them. So sometimes it is quite difficult to make a choice. But still possible.

How to make a choice?

So, what to look for when buying matting napkins for the face?

  1. Composition. It may be different, but some components should be avoided.So, for example, alcohol can greatly dry the skin and even lead to microscopic burns and irritations, which you absolutely do not need. In addition, the effect may be completely opposite. If there is a maintenance of particles of polymers, then it's great, because they perfectly absorb both moisture and excess sebum. Powder may also be included, but, firstly, there are practically no variations of shades (if the tone does not fit, then a mask effect may be created), secondly, particles of powder may clog pores, as a result of which acne will appear. Fragrances are not needed at all. Yes, they add a pleasant aroma, but it can be too bright and strong and interrupt the smell of your perfume and even irritate the olfactory receptors.
  2. Smell. As already noted, it will be better if it is absent. Only a barely perceptible light, fresh and pleasant aroma is allowed.
  3. Material. It is better to choose wipes from a thin non-woven material. Today, more often used synthetic and combined. The best and most practical option is spunlace. It is durable and hypoallergenic. You can also buy napkins of spunbond, but it is much thinner and dries faster.
  4. Packaging.It is extremely important to pay attention to her. First of all, usability is important. A pack should fit in a handbag, but it can be easily found in it (and this is sometimes extremely difficult for a girl). Secondly, the packaging should be easy to open. Today, almost all manufacturers provide sticking and unstuck tongue. It must be wide enough (like the hole) and well attached (otherwise the napkins will simply dry).
  5. Be sure to look at everything on the package. And there certainly should contain information about the manufacturer (address, name, contacts), as well as data on security (they are obtained from the results of tests). In addition, review and recommendations on the use of funds. Diligent firms do not forget about them.
  6. Be sure to pay attention to the expiration date. After its expiration, some components and substances can change their properties and become dangerous and harmful.
  7. To buy such a product is best either in a pharmacy or in a specialized and proven cosmetics store. You can go to the official website of the cosmetics company and order products there. But it is sometimes more expensive and more problematic.

Overview of some brands

You can find a variety of napkins from various manufacturers. We suggest you to study reviews about some of them:

Napkins from "Shiseydo". There is an excellent refreshing effect, the skin is not tightened and does not overdry. One napkin is enough for the whole face. In the composition there is powder, perfectly smoothing the complexion. A greasy shine disappears.

Compact packaging

"Mary Kay" offers bilateral napkins. One side relieves dirt, the other absorbs excess sebum. It is very convenient and practical. Most of the buyers of products remained pretty.

Mary kay

Napkins "Cettua" are not very economical, as customer reviews show. On the face can take two napkins. But the packaging is very convenient.

"Oil Control Paper" from "Artdeco". The packaging is stylish and cute, wipes are pleasant to the touch, smell good. But with oily skin on the problem areas can go a few pieces.

Not the cheapest wipes

The firm "Oriflame" also offers such a tool. Packaging is convenient and compact. Napkins are excellent in their task and remove excess fat from the face. There are not so many reviews, but they are all positive.

Clinique's “Pore Minimizer Oil Blotting Sheets” not only makes the face dull and fresh, but also prevents pollution. Packaging is convenient, the tool is quite economical.

Doing wipes at home

You can make matting napkins at home with your own hands. This will require:

Everything is very simple. It is necessary to mix all the liquid components. Their proportions are selected individually depending on the expectations and the degree of oily skin. You can also add a little powder or foundation, individually tailored to your skin tone. Liquid soap is better to choose on a natural basis, it is healthier. In addition, all components must be safe and hypoallergenic.

Now soak the napkins with the mixture from all sides. Do not spill liquid, paper will just disintegrate. Then place the napkins in the container and close it. Shake the container so that everything is soaked. Done!

We wish you to choose the best wipes with matting effect, use them with pleasure and always look stunning!

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