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Naja Underwear Advertising: Bodypositive Again

“Body tone” - what's this? Until recently, they were considered exclusively beige color, but this year everything began to change, and this is happening right before our eyes. First, Christian Louboutin called the axiom “bodily means light” intolerant, expanding the “bodily palette” of Nudes ballet flats, and now the Naja lingerie brand has released a collection called Nude for All, which includes panties and bras for women with different skin tones from vanilla to caramel and chocolate. Now your perfect kit, which will merge with the color of your skin, will be able to be chosen by both Asians and Africans. It is also pleasant that the collection was presented not by models, but by the most ordinary women with different types of figures, who once again called on all of us not to be complexes and accept ourselves as we are.


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