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Sea Mood Necklace

When it is overcast and gray in the street, and the heart breaks through the edge to fly - there is no need to be sad, you can just wait a little longer, and in the meantime prepare for the coming of summer. Everyone prepares for the summer season in different ways: some lose weight, others buy all the bright summer things at a discount, and someone just waits for him with a smile on his eyes and in his heart. Therefore, in the winter and spring evenings, you can spend time with benefit and make various fun little things yourself by the summer. Summer is a wonderful time, not only because you can finally throw off all awkward and heavy clothes, but also because it is a sunny period, which means it is an excellent reason to stand out from the gray mass. To stand out doesn’t mean urgently repainting all the colors of the rainbow or getting a haircut to zero, which means that you can wear something that can be at one time, as a highlight of your style, and remain a simple modest detail of your everyday style.This accessory can be neat, but elegant necklace "Sea mood". And you can do this wonderful thing with your own hands. To create such a summer miracle we need: shells - 13 pieces, a metal chain half a meter, 16 metal links (which are often used on key rings), a carbine lock. The amount of materials for the necklace depends on how many shells you want to see on it.
First of all, determine the center of your chain and take three shells and five links. On each shell, in our case it is broken, and we dress one link.
Necklace“ Marine Mood
The final step in the implementation of such a "sea" necklace is all that is left for you so easy to attach a carbine lock, otherwise how will it be necklace hold on? To do this, we need a carbine and one link that connects the chain to the lock.
Necklace“ Marine Mood

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