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NFC in the phone: what is it?

In this article we will talk about what NFC is in the phone: what is this technology that is used in modern communications, on what basis does it work and what is it used for.

What is NFC

Note that initially the NFC technology (Near Field Communications) was widely distributed to pay for contactless payments. Recently, however, it is quite often used in smartphones and tablets. In short, NFC is a technology with which you can perform a quick connection (at close range) with other devices that also have the NFC function. An important feature of this connection between devices is that this connection can be established without entering passwords and any confirmations.

How does NFC work in the phone

NFC technology can be used for various purposes. Your NFC-enabled phone can become a virtual bank card, pass to the pool or to the factory. Also, with the help of NFC, you can exchange files, links, read and write information (with the help of special applications and NFC tags, as well as NFC smart cards).

But what is NFC in a smartphone, you ask if there is a Bluetooth function for data transfer? The difference between them is quite obvious: as we wrote above, NFC is more often used when paying for any goods or services, but Bluetooth is not at all suitable for these purposes. The fact is that Bluetooth has a wide range, which increases the risk of interception of your billing information. A connection between two devices via NFC, by contrast, is instantaneous, unlike Bluetooth.

What is NFC used for

You can share applications, web pages, videos from YouTube. With these exchanges, the phone or tablet does not download the video file or link, it simply opens it all in its browser. As we have said, NFC supports the payment function, and this is perhaps the main advantage of this technology. With the appropriate software, you can pay for any services, goods, in short, just use the phone as a card. However, yet this function is for some reason not claimed in Russia.

In addition, you can use both NFC tags and smart cards with an NFC chip for reading. NFC chips are so small that they can be inserted into anything (business cards, price tags, bracelets, labels, etc.).Basically, these chips contain information about products, data of a person, links, and they can also contain commands that your phone or tablet will execute when touching NFC tags.

Does your device feature NFC

You can learn about the presence of the NFC function on your phone or tablet as follows: in the settings menu, in the “Wireless networks” section, select “More”: there should be NFC settings items. Also on the case itself or on the battery of a phone or tablet, the NFC logo can stand — this means that the device supports this technology.

Note that most of the new models are already equipped with the NFC function, but so far this technology is practically not in demand among us. Basically, it is used to pay for services and quickly exchange information. But, nevertheless, NFC technology does not stand still and is constantly being improved, and who knows, maybe it is she who will soon replace our usual means of information exchange.


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