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Noise Isolation BMW X5

Recently, I began to notice that the noise level in the cabin of my car has increased significantly. I do not know what this may be connected with, but driving in such conditions is problematic. Can you advise an inexpensive service in Moscow that can make BMW X5 soundproofing?
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Answered on July 18, 19:24
Two years ago I made a complete sound insulation of my car and this pleasure cost me 42 thousand rubles. The amount is of course very large, but it’s a pleasure to drive in a car, there’s practically no noise at all.
Answered on July 18, 20:09
It is not necessary to spend a lot of money and make noise insulation completely the entire car. My friend recently made noise insulation of doors and the difference is just huge, the noise was reduced by 50-60%.
Victor Lidermann
Victor Lidermann
Answered on July 18, 21:27
The cost of sound insulation of a car depends on the amount of work, as well as the quality of the materials to be used. There are several types of noise insulation: basic, acoustics and advanced. I advise you to install acoustics, because its cost is average, but it provides very good sound insulation.

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