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Oily hair: care and ways of styling

The presence of fatty hair type may be due to a number of reasons.

  1. health problems;
  2. heredity;
  3. increased hormone production.

The characteristic of this type of hair is as follows: within a few hours after washing, the hair becomes dull, grows greasy at the roots and looks untidy. To accurately determine your hair type, it is enough to conduct a small experiment: in a glass with water it is necessary to lower the hair. If it doesn’t sink, then you have oily hair because it keeps it on the water. In this case, your curls require careful maintenance.

How to cope with the problem of oily hair?

There are tools available to help refresh your curls. The most inexpensive, but effective are baby powder and corn starch. These products quickly absorb sebum and make hair clean. Apply a little starch on the hair, leave for 5 minutes, then remove with a comb and a hairdryer.You can get along with one comb, but it will take more time. This method is especially good if you do not have time to wash your hair.

Modern cosmetology offers many anti-shine remedies, such as sprays, dry shampoos, etc.


  • Hands off the head: you can not often comb and touch the hair with his hands.

  • You should wash your hair as little as possible, because the more often you wash it, the more sebum is produced.

  • Do not use aggressive hair care products.

  • Cool water with apple cider vinegar will help in combating the problem and add shine to hair.

  • You should not abuse the conditioner for hair daily, and especially - put it on the roots.


Styling tips for greasy hair

Good styling is one way to hide the problem.

If you have a bang, you should simply comb it up at the end of the day. But such a hairstyle is not a good choice for oily hair type. Hair soaked with sebum, not only at the roots, but also along the entire length, in contact with the forehead.

Another good way to remove greasy hair from the face is hair bands and headbands, which exist in different varieties, colors and materials.With this accessory, you can create a different image - and sports, and classic, and glamor.

The next good way to disguise you can call a bunch, and if you decorate it with decorative hairpins, it will be a very romantic image.

It is safe to do various tails, which from season to season do not lose their popularity.

If you are the owner of oily hair, then be attentive to your curl and do not aggravate the situation.


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