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On heels and with a shovel: Melania Trump again criticized for the irrelevance of attire

Melania Trump, as far as possible, tries to take into account her mistakes in choosing clothes, but this is not always the case. So this time, intending to take part in transplanting oak in the gardens of the White House, the first lady of the United States did not think out her image. To the reporters of the leading TV channels, Melania came out with a shovel and ... heels. Unlike her predecessor Michelle Obama, who was not shy about walking in rubber boots, Melania chose for the garden a completely impractical, but beautiful clothes: a top without sleeves, a floral print skirt and Louboutin boats. Posing with a shovel and a sapling for about 3 minutes, the spouse of Donald Trump bowed and hid in the walls of the White House.


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