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Overview of the innovative cream for the growth of eyelashes "Maxi Lash"

If you want your eyelashes to be beautiful and long, and look - expressive, then use only the best cosmetics. These include mascara "Guerlain Maxi Lash Mascara" and cream-gel "".

Cream-gel Maxi Lash - an innovative tool for the growth of eyelashes, which is becoming more and more popular.

Composition and action

Cream-gel, firstly, prevents the loss of eyelashes, secondly, helps to accelerate their growth, thirdly, significantly improves the condition of the cilia, making them healthy and attractive.

The composition of the tool includes several active components:

  • Vitamin B6 is involved in metabolic processes and helps to restore the structure and reduce the fragility of eyelashes.
  • Vitamins E and A strengthen hair follicles and thereby stop the loss.
  • D-panthenol and natural oils have a healing, regenerating and anti-inflammatory effect on the skin. As a result, the eyelids become elastic, fresh and beautiful.
  • Glycoprotein is a substance that triggers the formation of new cells and is used to enhance the growth of eyelashes.
  • Creatine helps to glue keratin scales of each eyelash and thereby restore the structure.
  • Arginine is an essential amino acid that is responsible for tissue regeneration and is involved in many metabolic processes.
  • The unique complex of natural extracts of plant origin gives the eyelashes a healthy natural look, shine and elasticity.

After studying the composition, we can conclude that Maxi Lash is not only effective, but also a natural remedy.

How to use?

Use the cream-gel Maxi Lash is very simple. It should be applied on the eyelashes, as well as on the skin around the eyes. It is best to apply the product twice a day: in the morning before using the mascara and in the evening after removing the makeup.


As manufacturers promise, the effect will be noticeable after 3-6 weeks. Eyelashes will become longer, thick and shiny. And the skin around the eyes noticeably tightened, will be healthy, smooth and fresh. But to really achieve such results, you need to apply cream-gel regularly.


A few reviews about the tool:

  • “The tool is relatively inexpensive, but, as manufacturers promise, effective, so I decided to buy it. And not disappointed! The effect is noticeable almost immediately, and after a month I just did not recognize my eyelashes! They have become longer than ever. I even stopped using mascara. I recommend to everyone!"
  • “This is the best tool I have ever seen! After the extension, the eyelashes were in a terrible state, so I decided to treat them. And literally in a couple of weeks, the cilia almost grew back. ”
  • “I almost did not notice the effect, I expected more. Yes, the eyelashes have become beautiful, but the skin around the eyes has remained the same as it was. ”

More reviews can read.

You can buy cream-gel at a 50% discount.


Cils D’enfer Maxi Lash mascara is an excellent tool that allows you to make the look more expressive and acts in several directions at once.

Action and composition

The action of the carcass is explained by three unique polymers. One of them envelops and literally builds on each eyelash and thereby significantly increases the volume and length. Another softens eyelashes and makes them healthier and more natural. And the third polymer has a fixing effect and eliminates such problems as smearing and spreading. As a result, you get a permanent makeup and stunning look.

The composition includes a perfume composition, which gives the carcass a special unique flavor, consisting of notes of peach, jasmine, raspberry, rose, as well as white musk. And the unique powder base makes the sound of the fragrance gentle and pleasant.


Mascara is presented in several different shades: in classic black, unusual purple, noble brown, and also in bright blue.


Mascara is easy to use. The brush has a classic shape and soft fibers, so that everyone can apply the composition on the eyelashes. Start applying from the roots of the cilia and move to their tips. It is not necessary to apply mascara in several layers, in this case the eyelashes may look unnatural.


Carcass Reviews:

  • “Having tried this tool once, I could not refuse it. The effect is just super! Eyelashes look split, long, curled. And this is noticeable immediately after application. The aroma is very pleasant, and the mascara lasts a long time, does not smear. I'm completely happy! "
  • “The ink is good. Everything that producers promise is really noticeable. But there are several nuances. At the end of the day (especially in the heat), fingerprints may appear on the eyelids.And the tool is not easy to wash off, even with special tools. And so everything is fine! "

Let your eyelashes be healthy and beautiful!

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