DIY soft toy owl

Soft Toy Owl with your own hands Children who have already learned to handle needles and cloth, with great pleasure try to sew a soft toy. The toy, made by own hands, with the soul, for a long time remains the closest friend. In.

What is Zira

What is zira? kurlatik December 19, 2014 Any person, at least once in his life preparing or using pilaf, came across a spice called “Zira”. Let us consider in more detail what a zira is and why it is used. Benefit Externally, the seeds.

Which brandy to choose

Which brandy to choose? Natalya Chekanova April 16, 2013 Cognac has always been considered an exquisite drink. His taste qualities, aroma, as well as the ability to beneficially affect a person, are appreciated by true lovers of cognac. And what about those who are.

Which buy touch phone

How to buy a touch phone? Natalya Vavilova April 12, 2013 Nowadays, mobile phones have ceased to perform only one function - fast and ubiquitous communication. We are already waiting for additional features and brilliant design from these devices. Especially popular are touch phones.

How to make heating

How to make heating? After the construction of the "box" of the building, in front of any owner becomes such a task as the installation of the heating system in the house. It is preferable to make it water, however, there are other solutions.

What is an order

What is an order? Alena Mikhailova May 17, 2015 There are many words in Russian that have several meanings. Often, if you do not know one of them, you simply will not be able to grasp the meaning of the text. In order not.

What is a brand

What is a brand? Tamara Kovalenko March 15, 2013 The Russian market is filled with a huge amount of world and Russian goods, known and unknown, of high quality and not so much. Today the word brand is often mentioned. What is a brand.

What is karate

What is karate? kurlatik January 27, 2015 Most people have an idea of ​​what karate is, it has developed mainly from the films where the athletic guys waving their arms and legs, causing injury to the enemy of different weights. Far from martial arts.

Candy Arrows: HOT or NOT

Candy Arrows: HOT or NOT Holidays are very soon, which means it's time to make a promise to yourself - no more sweets. But strict prohibitions are the best friends of stress, that is why we cannot do without a sweet (at least in.

Where can I find a song

Where can I find a song? Elena Melnichenko December 19, 2014 35172 We hear music everywhere. But sometimes you want to know who performs this or that song, to download it to your phone or computer. If you think about where you can find.

Decorative Wire Trees

Wire Ornamental Trees Ornamental Wire Trees. We make a beautiful and simple tree of wire and tissue paper. Materials and tools: wire (wire for making jewelry); tissue paper (or other); punch shaped sheet (or scissors); wooden base; drill; glue or hot glue gun. Step.

Where to go in January

Where to go in January? New Year and Christmas holidays make the month of January the month of holidays. And if you want to plan your vacation away from home, you should think carefully about where to go in January, because there are a.

How to choose a bike

How to choose a bike? A bicycle is not a luxury, but a convenient means of transportation, which, moreover, has a very positive effect on human health and well-being. And those who are going to just ride a bike from time to time, and.

How to learn to joke

How to learn to joke? Everyone has a sense of humor. However, not everyone has developed well enough. Humor depends on the mindset just as the beauty of a person is determined by his taste. This feeling does not depend on the origin or.

Honeycombs with bees

Honey bees Do not rush to throw away unnecessary things. For example, sleeves from toilet paper or paper towels, juices or yogurt packs, old wallpaper, plastic containers from a toy in a kinder ... And why keep all this stuff? It is useful for.

New Year fleece cap

New Year fleece cap New Year is coming, let's meet it with fun and fun. To do this, I suggest you sew here such a simple and easy to use cap. which will not only be an ornament, but it can be worn instead.

What are peripherals

What are peripherals? Oksana Vasilyeva February 9, 2015 You can often hear or see in the text the word "periphery", which is used in a different context, although it originally appeared as a mathematical term. Let's look at what a periphery is, what its.

How to become dumb

How to become dumb? Such a diagnosis as dumbness can be either congenital or acquired. So, with congenital malformations of the throat or vocal cords, people are deprived of speech from the very birth. Often the cause of complete dumbness can also be the.

Where is the groin

Where is the groin? Tamara March 18, 2015 The structure of the human body should know everyone. Consider where the groin is. This area is located below the abdominal region and is adjacent to the thigh. The inguinal area has a regular shape, resembling.

Apple Strudel

Apple strudel Apple strudelis a recipe. Ingredients: 2 puff pastry sheets; 2-3 large apples half a teaspoon of cinnamon; 2 tbsp. l. sugar; 2 tbsp. l. flour; half a glass of chopped nuts; 3 tbsp. l. brown sugar 2 tbsp. l. regular sugar; 2.

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