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Paint the bath like?

Rent an apartment, thinking about painting the bath, it is in a terrible state. But I don’t want to spend much, because we don’t know how long we will live here. What do you recommend?
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Answered on March 2, 14:45
Maybe you should not spend money and better save money to buy your apartment? Although, if you like taking a bath, then it is better to paint it, of course. Buying a new bathroom is certainly no point.
Answered on March 2 14:51
I would have just painted the bath and would have been happy. There are different ways to bring a bath to a new look. If a rented apartment, then you better cover it with enamel. It is not expensive, and not difficult. Of course, as a new one, it will not shine, but you will forget about rust, drips, scratches and stains. If you are in St. Petersburg or the region, you can try to contact this company, order painting the bath and you will calmly bathe.
Answered on March 2 14:55
Yes, you need to upgrade the bath. I can hardly imagine how to live in a rented apartment with such conditions.

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