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Painted gingerbread with their own hands - an original gift for the New Year

Painted gingerbread himself - an original gift for the New Year

Gingerbread is considered a delicacy, popular since ancient times. It will be an unforgettable gift, it is bright, tasty, everyone will be delighted. We are in honor of the upcoming holiday: New Year, we will make it in the form of Santa Claus. Be the most original and inimitable, everyone will be delighted, especially when you tell the most important thing: what you did with your own hands. Use the step by step instructions with photos, described in detail below. You will succeed! It is not hard!

To work you need:

  • pan
  • ingredient bowl
  • water
  • whisk
  • a spoon
  • package
  • thread (clothespin): to secure the bag
  • baking dish
  • food dye (black, red)

For the test:

  • egg (1 pc.)
  • honey (100 grams)
  • powdered sugar (50 grams)
  • soda (1 tsp)
  • butter (50 grams)
  • cinnamon 1-2 tsp. (ground)
  • ginger 1–2 tsp (ground)
  • vanilla sugar (1 pack)
  • flour (250 grams)


  • squirrels
  • powder
  • lemon juice
  • cocoa

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. Let's make our delicious gingerbread (you can take the finished product by cutting it out under the shape we need, then see step 9 at once). In a water bath, we heat the products in a bowl: powdered sugar, vanilla sugar, honey. When heating, you need to stir our mass so that it becomes homogeneous. Add ground cinnamon and ginger to our mix. Also, when adding new ingredients to stir our mass.
  2. Now we put out our bowl from the water bath (so that it is more convenient and the egg does not cook when it is added to the mass) and wait for it to cool down a bit. We take a whisk, and carefully mixing our mass, slowly pour in the egg. If the mass is not completely homogeneous after we have hammered in the egg, then continue to interfere with its whisk.
  3. Put the bowl back into the water bath and add our last ingredients: soda, oil. After each need to mix well the mass so that it remains homogeneous.
  4. Remove the homogeneous mass from the fire. Add flour (little by little), knead our resulting dough. If it sticks to your hands - do not worry, this is normal. Send our mass to the refrigerator for about an hour.After this, stick out the dough.
  5. Sprinkle the table with flour and roll out our resulting and already settled dough with a thin layer (about 3-5 mm wide).
  6. After rolling out the dough, cut out our gingerbread cookies of the desired shape with a knife or with special molds (as in the figure below).

    Painted gingerbread himself - an original gift for the New Year

  7. Put the finished products on a baking sheet and at 140–150 degrees bake for 5–10 minutes, while watching the process. The dough will rise a little, browned.
  8. Put the gingerbread on a flat surface and wait until they have completely cooled and harden a little.
  9. We make glaze. To do this, we take proteins, powder, lemon juice. In one bowl, beat everything until a homogeneous mass, which has acquired a thick consistency. For whipping use a whisk to speed up the process you can take a mixer. To get rid of the bubbles in our mass, it is necessary: ​​cover with a food film tightly adhering to the surface (top with bubbles), knock the bottom of our bowl on the table and leave this blank for 3-5 minutes. Then, when you take off the film, you will see how the formed bubbles go along with it.


  10. In order to paint our gingerbread, we will need to make the glaze of two kinds of density:
    • as toothpaste (for drawing contours, patterns; only white color of such consistency);
    • the density of yogurt or honey (to fill the gingerbread background).

    Because of this, after preparation, the masses must be immediately divided into two containers.
    To achieve this or that density, we need water, but add it drop by drop, as a small amount is always needed. If you overdo it, then add the powdered sugar to add a little bit of density.

  11. Fill the bags with our glaze, tightly tie them or fasten them together. Below you can see two ways (1– we put a pen in the bag and made a small hole so that the pen doesn’t fly out, 2 –– cut off the very tip of 1–2 mm), choose a convenient one for you.

    Painted gingerbread himself - an original gift for the New YearPainted gingerbread himself - an original gift for the New Year

  12. To give our glaze a flesh-colored skin of Santa Claus, we add cocoa to it, gradually, with very small pinches. Carefully interfere with the entire mass taken for the face of a snowman. For this we need very little material. With the help of cocoa, you can give Santa Claus either light or tanned skin (see picture below).We stopped at the most light version, we needed a drop of cocoa powder.

    Painted gingerbread himself - an original gift for the New Year

  13. To give the glaze a black tint, we use a dye, separate some white glaze and add some food coloring. Glaze we need literally two droplets.
  14. To make our white material red, you can also use a dye, or use natural materials. Suppress a couple of cranberries, the resulting juice is gradually added to the glaze, but the color will not so saturated. Depends on your desire.
  15. Now we go directly to the most interesting and important thing, when everything is ready for work - we paint our gingerbread with icing. Let's start with white. First, take our thick icing, draw the contour of the cap, then more liquid fill all the space inside. We also draw the beard and pompon of our cap.


    Painted gingerbread himself - an original gift for the New Year

  16. Now inside our beard and caps paint the color of the flesh. Cover the remaining top with red and let us dry our gingerbread again.

    Painted gingerbread himself - an original gift for the New Year

  17. Now we take a thick white glaze and draw eyebrows to our pretty Santa Claus, give a little bodily color and draw a nose from the remnants in the form of an oval. We put two black dots (eyes). You can take special decorative edible beads for this purpose, if you have one.

    Painted gingerbread himself - an original gift for the New Year

  18. After the icing has dried, go to the mustache. White thick glaze will draw a mustache. You can draw a mustache outline with thick icing, then pour liquid inside the outline. At us it has turned out at once dense.

    Painted gingerbread himself - an original gift for the New Year

  19. Now, following the scheme below, paint the patterns using thick white glaze, first the top of the cap, then the beard, then the pompon and finish with the whiskers.

    Painted gingerbread himself - an original gift for the New Year

Our beautiful gingerbread in the form of Santa Claus is ready! Prepare it for a fabulous holiday - New Year! This gift will be pleased by anyone (both adult and small). Do wonders with your own hands! Best of luck, add your own zest to make, use your colors and patterns. Bring to delight!

Painted gingerbread himself - an original gift for the New Year


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