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Pavloposad shawls: how to wear?

Anna Mikhailova
Anna Mikhailova
March 14, 2013
Pavloposad shawls: how to wear?

Pavloposadsky shawls are known to the whole world. And many Russian fashion designers use it as a bright accent in the image. However, having Pavloposad shawls in my wardrobe, not every woman knows how to wear them. Meanwhile, if you learn how to properly combine this element with casual clothing, you can look not only with the latest fashion, but at the same time, find individuality.

Variants of wearing Pavloposad shawls

Woolen scarves are a great accessory in the cold season. In the fall, they look good in combination with a leather jacket. It is better to wear them as a scarf, and the scarf itself should be chosen small, preferably with tassels. Its color must be matched to the color of the jacket. If your jacket is classic black, then a burgundy or bright red scarf will perfectly suit it. If you are a brunette, you can emphasize your appearance with a blue or green scarf.By the brown jacket, you can safely buy a white scarf with a bright ornament. To liven up a white jacket, it is noticeably recommended to buy a scarf with pale blue flowers on a white background. Do not worry that the light shawl will merge with the white background of the jacket. On the contrary, you will look elegant.

How To Wear Pavloposad Shawls

If you do not know how to properly wear a Pavloposadsky scarf with a fur coat, then it is better to buy a large size wool scarf to it, and just throw it over the fur coat, so the scarf will emphasize shiny fur and protect it from friction. To create an expressive image, you should wear a Pavlovo Posad shawl on your head. In this case, wear boots with fashionable embroidery and a short fur coat. Such an image will look concise, and it is advantageous to distinguish you from the crowd.

How To Wear Pavloposad Shawls

In the summer of these scarves can be worn as a poncho. To do this, fit a large handkerchief, it must be folded diagonally and sew one bright button. Under the scarf you can wear a turtleneck and jeans. And in order to focus on a denim jacket, you should complement your image with a neck accessory, tying it in an “arafat” style. Now you know how to wear Pavloposad shawls. Photos can now not search.


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