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I once came across a sad, little cookbook titled “Microwave Cooking for One.” The tiny woman on the cover was completely surrounded by heaping plates of greyish nuked food (including a bowl of jello and a melted milkshake). I laughed at first, but then quickly realized, this could be me someday. It could be any of us! New York living makes it so easy. I resolved then and there to keep my kitchen credo as far removed from “Microwave Cooking for One” as possible. I picked up my (non-microwave-safe) pan and haven’t put it down since. My favorite dishes include fresh, seasonal ingredients, prepared simply. But my comfort food is, and will always be, Thai food – more specifically, my mom’s food. I learned from her that there is much joy to be found in feeding friends and family, and nothing is more satisfying than cooking with fire. When I’m not tinkering with new dishes, I take photographs of them for posterity, some of which can be found within the beautiful pages of

Video: Sample Making with Werkstatt

Perry Santanachote
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Perry Santanachote pictures
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Watch Perry Santanachote video

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