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Personal Care Rules

Human hygiene is an integral part of his life. If you want to be beautiful and healthy, then you just need to follow some rules that should become a habit.

What is hygiene

Hygiene is a whole separate area of ​​medicine. She studies how his working and living conditions affect the health of a person. The region develops preventive methods of various diseases and provides normal living conditions for the extension of your life. The concept of "hygiene" includes such industries:

  • Occupational health,
  • Community hygiene,
  • Children's hygiene,
  • Adolescent hygiene,
  • Radiation hygiene
  • Food Hygiene, etc.

Personal hygiene rules

Personal hygiene is aimed at preserving and strengthening your health. Here is a set of its rules:

  • The optimal combination of physical and mental labor,
  • Proper nutrition
  • Hardening and physical education,
  • Correct alternation of work and recreation
  • Full healthy sleep.

Clean body

Personal hygiene rules imply thatthat each of us must maintain a clean body. Regularly take a shower, thoroughly wash the skin of the whole body, using special cleansers or soap.

Clean hair

Regardless of the length of your hair, wash it when it becomes dirty, as dust and germs accumulate on it. Be sure to comb your hair in the morning and in the evening.

Oily hair should be washed as it gets dirty. Choose a soft shampoo that matches your hair type. Please note that the bottle is marked "Suitable for daily / frequent use." Aggressive remedies will only dry out the scalp, which will only aggravate the problem.

Dry hair in the conditions of modern life and frequent hairdryer start to break down and become very fragile. Now on the market there are a huge number of series of products specifically for dry hair. Choose products that contain as many natural ingredients and nutritive oils as possible. Also do not forget about homemade masks to restore and strengthen hair. For example, from egg yolk or yogurt (kefir).

Start brushing your hair from the tips, gradually moving higher and higher.Use combs and brushes of quality materials. Best of all - from natural.

Oral cavity

Some diseases of internal organs can occur due to the fact that a person does not follow the oral cavity very well. Every morning and evening, brush your teeth thoroughly for at least 3 minutes. Contact your dentist to help you find a toothpaste based on the condition of your teeth and gums. If necessary, use dental floss and mouth rinses.


Personal hygiene implies that your underwear must always be clean. Every day after a shower, change it to a fresh one, otherwise dirt and greasy discharge will get on clean skin.

Nails and heels

Under the dirty nails live a large number of harmful microorganisms and bacteria. Regularly clean the skin under the nails on the hands and feet, trim and nail the nails in time. Also pay special attention to the heels. Use pumice stone so that there are no scuffs on the heels, keratinized particles, and corns.

Clean body during menstruation

On such days, hygiene comes first.Therefore, in order to prevent the growth of bacteria and additional discomfort, regularly change the pads, tampons, wash with warm water under the shower. Keep your underwear clean.

Shoes and clothes

Since underwear absorbs sweat, then it should be changed daily. Wash outerwear as it gets dirty. Shoes must be washed not only from above, but inside. Also do not forget to periodically change the insoles in shoes or shoes of the closed type.

These are the basic rules of personal hygiene. We remind you that in order to maintain health, never forget to wash your hands. This should be done not only before and after meals, but also when we come from the street, after visiting the toilet (especially the public). Wash your hands as often as possible, it will save you from many diseases.

To properly care for the skin on your hands, use a soft toilet soap containing respecting ingredients. After the hands are washed, wipe them well and dry with a clean towel and moisturize with cream. Before you start doing household chores, it is also better to lubricate the skin with a cream.

Follow all the rules of personal hygiene, and your life will be healthy, long and happy!


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