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Photographer Mario Sorrenti talked about a youthful affair with Kate Moss

This is now the young Kate Moss, we remember only by hand with the young rebel Johnny Depp, but the star made her meeting with a completely different man - a cult photographer and director Mario Sorrenti. 19-year-old Mario and 17-year-old Kate met at a photo shoot in the early 90s, and after almost 30 years he still breathes their romance. “It will sound horribly trite, but it just drove me crazy,” he told the Telegraph. “She laughed, constantly chatted about something, and I remember sitting next to her and feeling that my heart was about to stop.”

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By the way, Mario was not a photographer or director at the time, but he was trying to make ends meet with the help of the modeling business, so he and Kate turned out to be colleagues. “We met for two years - we shot together, traveled and even lived for a while with her family in Hampshire, and then moved to my mom in New York. Time for fun and innocence! A time when it seemed to both of us that everything was all right. ”Now Sorrenti has a separate photo album, which is called “Kate”: his beloved inspired him more than anything else. It is not surprising that in 1993 Calvin Klein, who saw the first photos, came to full admiration and asked Mario to remove for him the “Obsession” advertising campaign, which was destined to become legendary. Alas, shortly after Sorrenti and Moss broke up.

“I think it happened because Kate turned into a beautiful woman from a delightful child,” said Mario, who is now 46. “But not only that. Hard to explain. She can transform into anyone, she feels the style, the moment ... You know, Kate has an incredible depth. And when you take pictures of it, then you shoot not just a model, but something much more. At least for me it has always been like this. ”


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