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Pisces man: modest guy or passionate seducer?

Lydia Lunkova January 11, 2018

The patronage of the zodiac sign Pisces begins on February 21 and ends on March 20. This is the last 12 sign of the zodiac, so it is believed that he absorbed little by little from each previous one. Pisces is ruled by Neptune - emotional, with a large share of romanticism, often detached from the daily rush.

Characteristics of male Pisces

Man-Pisces is not demanding in life, but in love he is waiting for the full return from a loved one. To make a dream come true, he needs a person who will help to discover the potential of the talents and abilities of this sign of the zodiac.

They are always ready to help. And they put their interests on the last plan. First, they will help a friend (relative), and only then will they start their own business and tasks. itemotional people, which can flare up and start to get nervous because of any trifle. Therefore, they firstit's worth keeping your heart and nervous system- These are the weak points of Pisces.

These are dual natures, two fish swimming in different directions symbolize this. All their lives they suffer from conflicting desires.

Advantages and disadvantages

Men born under the sign of Pisces cannot be called decisive. They like to shift the responsibility onto other people's shoulders, turning out to be “not in the works”, this is their main drawback. But their strong point is the ability to love truly and sincerely, surrendering completely to their other half.

Temperament and character

Characteristics of Pisces on the sign of the zodiac says that they are born as if tired. They do not have enough energy to overcome, resolve many issues, cases, obstacles. Everything affects them negatively: heat, wind, rain, snow, quarrel at work. They become even more lethargic and tired, preferring to lie on the couch and rest.

There are other fish that are less common. They are too active and are able to start a bunch of things, without finishing a single one. They can not sleep for days and nights, exhausting themselves to exhaustion.

On the way before a great danger, they can remain unperturbed when, as small disorders, shortcomings of life lead them out of themselves

When choosing clothes, these people are often somewhat sloppy, formal costumes are not for them. Often rely on their own fantasy and mysticism.

Fish Element: Water

Water and Pisces give this man a "fluidity." He literally goes with the flow, not wanting to overcome obstacles in the way. He will soon wait for them to resolve themselves, than will take any action to resolve them. The water element has awarded these people high sensitivity, frequent changes of mood. Even because of minor disorders, a person may become discouraged for several days.

Fish Element: Water

Water and Pisces give this man a "fluidity." He literally goes with the flow

Water is not compatible with Fire. Communication with Air is possible, unless Water is afraid of clouds and nebula. The ideal partner will be a man from the elements of Earth and Water.

TOpositive traitsFish include:

  • attractiveness,
  • sociability,
  • friendly attitude
  • compassion.

Negative traits:

  • fickleness of character
  • quick temper,
  • excessive emotionality
  • pessimism,
  • laziness.

The Pisces man under the auspices of the water element is such a “fish” that tries to bypass all sharp corners, deftly maneuvering between them. For a comfortable existence, it is better to choose a place to live not far from water bodies. In extreme cases, get a home aquarium. Home for them is a place to relax and contemplate the beautiful.

Pisces men love and marriage

The relationship of male Pisces with women never develops rapidly. They are not of the breed that rush into the pool with his head. A female partner can wait for the offer of a hand and heart from him for years. It is likely that he will still take the responsible step of getting married by the age of 35, or even older.


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