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Practical advice for future dads for all occasions

Pregnancy is a natural process for any woman. A strong bond is established between her and the child. To prepare, future moms read the subject literature, go to specialized courses, communicate with established moms.
But life is changing for the future of the pope. He does not feel this connection with the child, it is very difficult for him. He can not understand what to do, how to help a woman during pregnancy. What should the future dad know? What responsibilities can he take on during pregnancy?

What can a man do most to help a pregnant wife?

A man should be actively involved in taking tests. If you get pregnant does not work immediately, do not be discouraged and make this tragedy. Any woman after conception will undergo changes, hormones will take their own. Drowsiness, irritability, moods, mood swings and much more.
Remember, your main weapon is information gathering.Be interested in the course of pregnancy, fetal development, moments of upbringing, etc. Nine months will pass unnoticed, and after giving birth there will be no more time and energy to study the theory. Read books, ask experienced men, surf the Internet, and you will learn what the future father should know.
Try to attend hospitals together, you can sign up for courses for future parents. Probably, it will not be possible to go to all the techniques, but you should not miss the ultrasound scan. This will serve as a good support for the beloved, and the future dad will be thrilled to see the baby on the screen, to hear his heart. Feel free to ask questions to your doctor.
Do not be lazy to provide a level of comfort to the woman. Pamper, perform small whims, like chocolate at night.
Due to changes in the hormonal background, unexpected tears, trifling insults are possible. It will all pass, surround her with love and care. Try to pay more attention to it and do not forget about the compliments of your beloved.
The baby also needs attention. You can also communicate with him by saying sweet words. The child will remember the voice of the future father, and will react to this sound with movements.

Last preparations before the baby

In the last months of pregnancy, an apartment should be prepared for the appearance of the baby. This is a very important and responsible business, and any future mom pays much time and effort for this. Do not forget about your role in this process, offer assistance in arranging the children's room. Your wife will appreciate your efforts.
Choose a name for your child. In this exciting moment both parents are equal.
The final stage of pregnancy is childbirth, but this is the beginning of a completely different life. At the present time, joint deliveries are very popular, but this crucial step remains the choice of father and mother. You can stay behind the door so that your loved one feels your closeness and support.

Life after birth

The postpartum period is very difficult for the family. The child sets his own regime, sometimes depriving mother and father of sleep. A man should not shirk care baby. Play more often with him and talk to establish a closer contact.
It should be understood that because of the increased attention to the baby, the beloved can not devote much time to her husband, and intimate relationships will become more rare. This is a temporary phenomenon, and for the sake of the family can and be patient.With the growing up of the child, Mom and Dad will have much more free time.
A man should realize that he will have to become a major member of the family and show all his best qualities for the happy life of the baby and his mother.


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