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Practical tips that really help

Very useful tips. Ordinary daily affairs will become much easier.

1. To erase the traces of a felt-tip pen from a wooden lacquered surface, sprinkle soiled areas with hair spray and wipe them with a dry cloth.

2. There will be no bugs in flour and cereals if you put bay leaves in jars and bags where they are stored.

3. If the net from the cooker hood in the kitchen is very dirty, put hot water into the sink, add 3 tbsp to it. spoon of soda ash (with a slide) and soak the mesh in this solution. After 30 minutes, dirt can be easily removed with a brush.

4. Easy to fill the blanket in the duvet cover will help clothespins. Putting the ends of the blanket into the corners, fix them with clothespins, then fill the rest.

5. On suede gloves, sprinkle clingy places with talcum powder, leave it for 2 to 3 hours, and then brush it. Talc perfectly absorbs all the pollution.

6. To rid the clothes of old stains of engine oil, mix the powder of magnesia with alcohol to a mushy state. Then apply the mixture to soiled clothing and leave to dry.Then clean the gruel with a soft brush and wash the thing in warm, soapy water.


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