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Precision painting of the clock, from a vinyl record.

Dot painting is an uncomplicated technique of decorating interior items that do not require the ability to draw. We will turn a regular plate into an original and colorful clock. For work we will need: 1. Vinyl record. 2. Contours on glass and ceramics. 3. Brush. 4. Acrylic paint and varnish.
 Required materials
Step 1. Soak a label off the plate and carefully scrape the remnants of paper, achieving a smooth surface.
vinyl plate
Step 2. Paint over the surface of the circle with circular movements of the brush. If you want to get an opaque background, you first need to prime the surface with white acrylic. In this case, there is no primer, so the background turned out with dark scuffs. After drying the paint, apply a layer of varnish and dry with a warm dryer.
paint the center of the plate
Step 3. Take the outline and set the first row of points along the entire circumference. Points should be large and at equal distances from each other. To obtain even points, we hold the tube in our fingers like a normal pen, placing the nose vertically to the surface, and using a squeezing force, adjust the size of the point.
 We are waiting for drying
 a series of points
Step 4. We are waiting for the first row to dry (about 20 minutes) and draw the second and third rows of dots. Make sure that the rows and dots do not merge with each other.
 draw the second circle
 draw the third circle
 Wait until it's completely dry
Step 5. Start drawing the next row of points in a circle visible on the plate.
 another circle
Step 6. We wait for the complete drying of all rows, we apply a suitable size Plate pattern dials and soft pencil domarkup numbers.
 make markup for numbers
Step 7. Use a ruler to mark out numbers for contours, setting small ones points within a large circle.
 with the help of the ruler
Step 8. With small dots we draw sketches of numbers. If it did not work, then after drying the point it is easy to erase and draw again. If you like the sketch, then draw the numbers with large dots.
 draw sketches of numbers
 draw numbers
Step 9. After the dial is drawn and dried, we draw another row of large points along the track of the outer edge of the plate.
 general view
Step 10. We decorate our watches with Indian ornament" paisl ". The ornament is drawn by a volume contour for glass with sparkles. Apply the pattern in solid dots, to end up with a thick line. While the contour is moist, it is white, after drying (about 40 minutes) the lines becometransparent and voluminous interspersed with sparkles.
 We decorate our watches
Step 11 and the last. We make an outline of the ornament on the inside and the outside of the usual contours, setting small points as close as possible to each other. Insert the clockwork and admire the result!
 Large pattern
 It turned out beautifully
Apply the pattern with continuous dots
We make an outline of the ornament
 Do-it-yourself clock painting
 Watch with dot painting

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